Monday, February 1, 2021

Monthly Goals February

 Good morning and happy Monday! I hope your Monday is off to a great start so far.

 We are here at the beginning of another month which means it is time to make some new goals. Last month I read the book Loving My Actual Life, and in the book the author tries an experiment for 9 months to see what changes she make in her own life to see how she can improve it. Rather than be frazzled and stressed out all the time she wanted to see what positive changes she could make and whether or not they would make a difference. One of the things she tried was to incorporate more time for quiet in her daily life-- this really resonated with me! I realized that every day our house is full of noise from 6:30 am until about 7:30 at night. While a lot of it is good noise: kids playing with each other, family talking to one another, etc., some of it is just background noise: Alexa telling us the news, me listening to an audiobook, music playing in the background, a podcast, etc. There is something that really resonated with me about the importance of quiet. Maybe I can be more present in the moment if I don't have so many things going on to distract me. So some of my goals this month will be relating to incorporating more quiet in my day-- something I think I will be very grateful I did!

1. Read 2 Books, Only 1 Of Them Being An Audiobook- I love to read, but I don't have nearly as much time as I'd like to sit down on the couch cuddled up with a good book. Most of my "reading" is listening to audiobooks while I drive, unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, etc. Since I am going to be making more of an effort to incorporate quiet time, that means fewer audiobooks, which in turn means fewer books!

2. Keep Up With Running-- Sometimes I like to listen to music while I run, but sometimes I just like to run in silence and pray. I'm hoping to do a pretty equal amount of both this month.

3.  Keep Up With Blogging On the Weekends-- One thing I did in January and LOVED! It was kinda nice to have a few hours of time set aside to write all my blog posts for the week, and then not feel like I was scrambling to write something at 9 pm the night before. 

4. Get Our House Put Back Together, One Room At a Time-- We are moving back in-- yay! It is wonderful to be home but at the same time, kinda overwhelming. We have a LOT to do! My plan is to just take it one room at a time. Yes we will have the basic furniture in place in the other rooms, but I would rather have 1-2 rooms "finished" than every room feel half put together. My brain works better when I focus on one thing at a time before moving on to the next, so I am treating home decorating in the same way: finish one room before moving on to the next. 

5. Plan and Begin To Prep Our Garden-- You all know how much we love to garden over here and its already time to start garden planning! We brought one of our tomato plants with us when we moved out and put it in the sunroom-- we were continuing to get roughly a half dozen tomatoes a week. It made me so happy! Lily Grace loved to watch them turn from green to red and be able to pick them when they were ripe! We also had a bunch of lemons from our Meyer Lemon tree that ripened in the past couple weeks and were able to make fresh lemonade. 😀 

So while we are still enjoying the fruits of our labor from last year, it is also time to be thinking ahead. 

So those are my goals for the month-- what about you? Do you have anything planned to make your life run a little more smoothly in the month of February?


  1. So envious of your lemon crop! All the best to you as you land in February like a warrior.

  2. I'm so glad you are back in your house, and take it slowly - little by little - getting it all the way you want it. I love the idea of having a blogging block of time on the weekends. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. Love your reading goal. My original goal was to read one book a month, but I already read six in January. Hoping to keep up the momentum this month!

  4. I can't wait to see your house updates! I feel the same way...I'd rather complete a room at a time then have everything unfinished. My mind works that way too. I wish I could list to audio books...every time I try, I get distracted. haha