Friday, October 12, 2018

Amsterdam Part 1

Good Morning! I am sitting here sipping my coffee in bed flipping through our pictures from Amsterdam and wishing we were still there... that trip was exactly what we needed! Life has been nonstop around here since the beginning of August and it was so nice to have a weekend away where we did what we wanted, when we wanted to. I love traveling with Lily Grace and I am all for family vacations with kids, but having the ability to sleep in and go out to dinner in peace was a dream come true!!

So I landed in Amsterdam in the early evening on Friday due to a delayed flight (aren't delayed flights on vacation the worst?? I just wanted to get there already!). We walked from the train station to our AirB&B and then walked around our little area of town and the canal we were off of, called Singel. There was a beautiful flower market at the end of our street where we bought a bunch of bulbs to bring back, but I was too busy shopping to take pictures of it. 
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Our first big stop was the Heineken Experience tour at the Heineken Brewery. We have done many brewery tours before (Devin and I love trying different beers!) and this one was like the Disney World of brewery tours. They had a ride, games you could play, a karaoke station, a photo booth, and so much more. It was not at all what I was expecting, but we had a blast! We took a couple videos and I posted them to my Instagram stories, so if you haven't seen them you'll have to go check them out!

After the Heineken Experience we walked to a restaurant we had heard about called Jacketz that specializes in giant baked potatoes. We figured giant baked potatoes sounded like a great idea after having a few drinks at the brewery. Jacketz was delicious! My potato had chicken salad, cheese, and bacon on it with a red pepper sauce on the side. Devin's had curry and hummus with some nuts on top. Both were delicious, but I won (anyone else play the "who ordered the better item" game??).
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The next day when we woke up it was a little bit chilly, so rather than go on the canal tour super early in the morning, we decided to head to the Rijksmuseum. Our tickets for our canal tour were good all day, we could just show up whenever we wanted-- thank goodness because it was cold that morning and beautiful in the afternoon! 
Gingham Shirt/Patagonia Vest 

Inside the Rijksmuseum Library.

We walked around the Rijksmuseum and then made our way to Vondelpark, the major park in the city. 
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We had lunch at a restaurant next door called Singel404 and oh my goodness, it was fantastic! I had an open faced sandwich with ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, tomato, and jalapenos. It may have been the most delicious sandwich I've ever had! I won again, we don't even remember what Devin ordered and he ate half of mine ;) I definitely recommend Singel404! Since the weather was beautiful, we sat outside right along the canal.

After lunch we went to go hop on our canal tour. I am so happy we did a tour by boat, it was the best way to see the city!

That's the first half of our trip! I will post the rest next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. These are beautiful photos and it sounds like a fabulous getaway! I have never been to Amsterdam but wow, it is gorgeous! Those baked potato looked yummy too and my hubby would love the Heineken experience. We also play the who ordered the best dish! Lol It's fun and makes for great conversational topic! Looking forward to part 2!

    Maureen |

    1. It was such a great trip, you'll have to check it out one day!!