Friday, October 5, 2018

What I Packed for Our Long Weekend in Europe

Our trip is finally here! As you read this post I am currently joining Devin on his work trip to Amsterdam!! For those of you who have Instagram I would love for you to follow along with us on our trip! My username is lcdarrell. 

So I have been obsessively checking the weather for this trip every day for the past few weeks (I know our forecast wasn't up yet, but I wanted to get a feel for what the weather might be like when I was out shopping). It turns out our weather is going to be in the 50's and 60's and sunny (heck yeah!). I was so pumped to get a little taste of fall weather because it is STILL in the mid 80's here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This is what I packed for our trip:
This will be my outfit for the plane. I LOVE this faux Burberry plaid blanket wrap for traveling because it's like having a wearable blanket on those cold flights. I got mine for Christmas 2 years ago, but here is a very similar one. The pants are super stretchy high waisted black jeans, and if I'm being real.. my Tory Burch flats are fake. I have a girlfriend who lives in Shanghai who brings me fake stuff when she comes home for Christmas and I had her bring me these one year (thanks Sam!). If you can afford the real ones, more power to ya! The link to the real shoes is here. Sorry I can't give you a link to the $10 version... surprisingly there is no website for that ;)

Dress is old, but here is a similar one for only $15-- they have multiple colors/ Frye Boots. I might also pack some leggings just in case it's cold. I will also bring this coat:

factory womens City coat

Plaid Shirt (old)/Same black jeans as above/Same Tory Burch flats as above
Gingham Shirt/Patagonia Vest/Frye Boots

A couple other things I could not live without when traveling:
TOMS Classic Women's Shoes
These are my absolute favorite travel shoe of all time. They are so comfortable to walk in and when we plan to do a lot of walking, these are the best things to wear. 
Space Saver 8 x Premium Travel Roll Up Compression Storage Bags for Suitcases - No Vacuum Needed - (4 x Large, 4 x Medium) 80% More Storage Than Leading Brands!
Space Saver Bags- These things make such a big difference when we are packing. We always try to carry-on so we don't have to worry about our luggage being lost/waiting to pick it up after a long flight/lugging a huge bag around a place that may not have an elevator. It is so hard to squeeze everything into the carry-on without these space saver bags. 
Oursunshine Travel Bottles,Leakproof Silicone Refillable Travel Containers,Squeezable Travel Tube Sets Cosmetic Toiletry Containers for Shampoo Lotion Soap (3oz or 2oz)

Refillable Travel Shampoo and Conditioner Containers-- I love to use these to bring my favorite shampoos and conditioners with me. I can never seem to find a travel size of the shampoos and conditioners I normally use and used to end up buying junky ones just so I'd have a travel size. With these refillable containers I can put my good stuff in there and still use a carry on bag.
Image of Iconic Large Travel Duffel in Romantic Paisley
An Extra Duffel Bag- Since we carry-on we usually don't have enough room to bring home souvenirs. We usually try to squeeze a folded up duffel bag into the front pockets of our suitcases in case we need to bring extra stuff home. We usually throw our clothes into the duffel and put anything breakable into our hard suitcases. 

Have a great rest of the week! Remember to follow along with us on Instagram if you want!


  1. Love seeing what you packed! I have the same brand vacuum storage bags and didn't know they made some for traveling. How cool!!

    Hope you have a great Friday! Stop by my blog if you have a chance and say hello :)

    1. Oh my gosh, those bags were a life saver! There's no way I could've squeezed everything in without them!

  2. Seriously loved all your outfits! So cute!!

  3. I love all the outfits you've selected for your trip, especially the plaid blanket wrap. That is so cool! Visiting from Friday Loves

  4. Well all of those outfits are cute, effortless, modern, fun, Fall-forward and easy to travel in and walk. =) Love them Lauren.

    Make sure you stop by Thursdays and join my Style Linkup "Thursday Moda". I love your blog+style. Thank you. Ada. =)