Monday, October 29, 2018

What I Pack in My "Personal Item" For a Long Flight

Hi There! So we have just wrapped up one big trip and now are gearing up for our next one in November. This time we are going somewhere much farther away and I am already starting to plan for our 24+ hours of flying. 
Tegallagang Reis Terassen in Bali. Den passenden Koffer findet ihr hier:
Can anyone guess where we're going?? This will be our last international trip together for awhile, so we decided to go all out. :)
Devin and I have been fortunate enough to travel to Asia, Australia and Europe together multiple times and have become seasoned "pros" as to packing for the plane ride. I used to only consider what clothes I needed for my trip but forgot about what I would need on the plane for my ride there. After one super long, uncomfortable flight to China where I was completely unprepared, I have never made that mistake again! These are the items I usually bring with me on a long international flight (read: not the Caribbean, or anywhere else within a few hours). I didn't list the obvious things like headphones, music downloaded on phone, etc. because I figured most people already know to bring those things. :)
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1. A backpack. When I have a lot of things to bring with me, I hate putting it into a purse and then having all that weight on one side of my body weighing down my shoulder. Carrying a heavy bag around multiple airports and to my hotel inevitably leaves me with a backache and nobody wants to start out a trip that way! We use this backpack pictured above because it also has a water "bottle" built into it. It is so important to stay hydrated when traveling! It is big enough to hold our DSLR camera, our tripod if we choose to bring it, my little cross body purse if I don't feel like carrying it, and some snacks. Which brings me to my next one...
2. Healthy Snacks. Anyone else hate airplane food as much as I do? I usually get whatever meal they provide but just end up picking and choosing off the tray and not eating the whole thing. I have made the mistake of eating the whole tray on a trip before and then felt bloated and had an upset stomach the remainder of the flight. It was NOT a fun way to travel! Nowadays before we leave for our trips, I grab some healthy to go snacks for the whole trip (not just the flight). You never know when one person on the trip is going to be hungry while the other isn't. This way I can pull out a little package of mixed nuts/dried fruit/etc. and we don't need to stop for something bigger/possibly unhealthy/possibly expensive. My go to's are usually something like this and this and this.
3. Water, water, and more water. It is so important to stay hydrated while traveling and I hate being the person constantly asking the flight attendants for more water on the flight. They are busy enough! Our backpack has a water "bottle" in it, but bringing a bigger reusable bottle would work just as well. You can fill it up at the airport before you leave or have the flight attendants top it off for you when they come around to bring drinks. In my experience they have never cared about refilling your bottle, it just means fewer times they have to come back to you later!
4. Face Wipes, Makeup, and Disposable Toothbrush. About 45 minutes to an hour before landing, I will grab my package of to go face wipes, some makeup, and a Colgate Wisp to freshen up before getting off the plane. I always feel a million times better when I have freshened up before getting off the plane. 
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5. Kindle. As someone who loves to read, I usually try to read 2-3 books on my longer trips. Rather than packing 2-3 books in my bag and wasting space, I can download them to my Kindle (sometimes for free from the library!) and then not have to worry about the books weighing me down or taking up too much space. I wrote a whole post about how much I love my Kindle here
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6. Eye Mask. This is crucial if you are trying to sleep on the plane. You never know when someone is going to have their reading light on, or watch a movie with a bright screen, or have the window screen open when you are trying to catch some zzzzz's. This can make the plane instantly dark for you and help a lot with preventing jet lag! My favorite one is here.

So that's what I pack for a long flight. What about you ladies? If there anything you bring with you that isn't on my list? Please share with me below!

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