Monday, October 28, 2019

Book Club- October

Good morning and happy Monday! This past month I was able to squeeze in 4 books and they are all 4 VERY different from one another, yet all 4 were good in their own way. Let's get to it!

A Year in Provence-- This book came recommended to me by Devin, which made me really happy. Before Devin and I got married he used to hate reading and only read things that were required (usually for school). Over the past 6 years I have been giving him one book after another that I thought he might enjoy and I have been successful in slowly turning him from hating reading to enjoying reading. So when he stumbled across a book he thought I might like, I pounced on it immediately and started to read! This book was really cute and reminded me a lot of Under the Tuscan Sun. The author and his wife decide they are ready to leave life in England behind and move to the south of France and fix up an old  home in the Provence region. He goes through life in Provence one month at a time and how he and his wife are getting used to all the changes. I really like that it is split up in a month-by-month format and that you get to feel like you're experiencing the season changes along with him. If you like memoirs or books that take place in a foreign country, you'd like this! Especially if you liked Under the Tuscan Sun. I give this book a solid A. 

Anatomy of a Miracle-- I stumbled across this book on another blog a few months back and added it to my list because I thought it sounded fascinating. It is the story of a soldier who was paralyzed in Afghanistan and suddenly and inexplicably regains the use of his legs. It follows his life as the media and several "experts" try to figure out why this happened to him. They try to determine whether it was a miracle or an act of science. The book took an unexpected turn about 3/4 of the way in, but I liked it! I'd give it a solid A.

Connoisseur Kids-- I have loved Jennifer Scott's "Madame Chic" series and follow her on Instagram. When I saw that she was coming out with a new book, one about teaching manners and etiquette to kids, I immediately added it to my list. I loved the way she taught basic manners/etiquette/hygiene to kids without coming off as overly-preachy (which would be very easy to do!). I liked the idea behind teaching kids these basic skills because I think sometimes these topics are just things adults are so used to doing they forget to teach them to their kids. This book is a super quick and easy read, I had it finished in 48 hours. I personally would recommend the adult reading it with the child and discussing each section rather than just giving it to the child, but whatever works for your family! I give this book an A too.

I Owe You One-- This book was my favorite of the month! I think Sophie Kinsella is the best author if you are in the mood for a light, fluffy, happy book. This one might be one of my all time favorite Kinsella books-- and she has a lot! The main character of this book saves a stranger's laptop (and all his important work files) from getting ruined and he writes her an IOU, which she later redeems. The two characters go back and forth redeeming IOU's from each other and end up falling in love. The end of this book takes place around Christmas so if you are looking for a sweet, light, happy Christmas read that isn't over the top Christmas-y, I'd grab this one! A+ for this one!

Alright ladies, I need some more good books to add to my list! Any recommendations? I'd love some more Christmas-y ones to read as we get closer and closer to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 😉 Please leave a comment below!


  1. I am going to have to check out A Year in Provence and keep I Owe You One in mind for December.