Wednesday, October 9, 2019

October Goals

Good morning friends! I'm a little behind on posting monthly goals for this month, but better late than never, right? Let's take a look at how September went:

1. Have Our Baby- This goal makes me laugh... I didn't really have a choice but to see this one through. I think it's safe to say I accomplished this goal 😀
2. Stay Organized for Back to School- I did! Things were a little hectic there the first week or two of school between my own back to school craziness, training a long term sub, and then making sure we stayed on top of all Lily Grace's info. Staying organized is the only way we were able to get through it all somewhat peacefully.
3. Read 1 Book- I actually read 2 books last month! One was an audiobook which obviously helped. You know how much I love listening to an audiobook while doing chores, walking around the neighborhood, driving, etc. It's the easiest way to "read" a good book for a couple hours a day!
4. Walk- Hmm... well the goal says "as often as possible" which is pretty subjective. I can say I walked "as often as possible" but I can also say that really wasn't a lot... like at all. At the end of August I sprained my foot and assumed it would get better within a few days. It did not. In fact I can't really say it was all the way healed until this past week. So I did my best to stay off of it and rest, which didn't make for a whole lot of walking. That being said, I technically walked "as often as possible", so... I guess I can count that goal as being met? Sure, why not 😉

Now looking ahead to October...

1. Read 4 books-- I actually have a lot of down time since Liam and I are essentially under house arrest for his first 6 weeks. His pediatrician was adamant about not taking him out in public until he hits that 6 week mark due to it being the start of flu season. So when Lily Grace goes to school and Liam is sleeping, I get a little reading in. I also have several books downloaded on my Kindle and I read them at night when Liam has his late night feedings. I don't read every time, but if I feel myself starting to fall asleep I pull the Kindle out and read a little bit to wake back up. I don't need to be falling asleep while feeding the baby!

2. Walk 1 mile a day, 5x per week- Now that my foot is healed and the weather is cooling down, it has been my goal to get in 1 mile a day of walking. I am really ready to start running and doing yoga again, but until I've been cleared by my doctor to do so, I am just going to walk. I have the rest of my life to run and do yoga, so there's no point in rushing back into it and possibly messing up my postpartum recovery. 

3. Make sure we continue to spend as much quality time with Lily Grace as possible- So far we have been very lucky and Lily Grace adores her baby brother. She has shown no signs of jealousy or any negative feelings. She loves to say "he's so cute" and help us take care of him by getting his paci for him or handing us a new diaper, etc. We have been trying to spend some good quality one-on-one time with her to ensure she still feels special and knows how loved she is. Luckily my parents live close by and have come over once in awhile to have a "playdate" with Liam while I take Lily Grace to the park/for a playdate/to our favorite museums, etc. We are trying to soak up some good "mommy and me" time (and "daddy and me" when he can!).

4. Drink at least 65 ounces of water a day-- All of a sudden I have been struggling to get in the amount of water I need in a day, which is bad since I should be drinking even more due to breastfeeding. I was so good about it during pregnancy but now I want to drink pretty much anything that isn't water. Juice, coffee, Gatorade.. you name it. If it isn't water, I'm drinking it. I need to get back on track ASAP!

5. Have Lily Grace and Liam's Halloween cards made and mailed out no later than the 24th- Every year we make homemade Halloween cards to mail to family and friends and then I keep a copy for the baby books. I haven't figured out what we will do yet this year since we have TWO kiddos to include on the card. Here was our inspiration for 2017:
and here for 2018:
Sorry I don't have pictures of the real cards, they're in LG's room and she's napping at the moment. There's no way I'm going in there to grab a pic 😉

I usually just peruse Pinterest until I find something I like but I haven't seen anything jumping out at me yet this year. I might make a trip to Michael's later this week and see if something there sparks a little creativity.

Thanks so much for reading along! I hope you all have a great rest of the week. See you back here on Friday


  1. Those Halloween cards are so cute!!

  2. I like good measurable goals! It helps to keep myself accountable. The card inspirations are cute. I’m sure you’ll find something equally as cute!