Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One Month with Liam

Good morning! Today our sweet little man is 1 month old. I thought I'd share a few pictures of him and tell you how it's been going so far.

Eating and Sleeping: Liam certainly loves to eat! This boy can now guzzle down a 5 oz bottle like it's nothing. When we went to his one week checkup the pediatrician told us he had already doubled the amount of weight he was expected to gain. He is one hungry little boy! As far as sleeping goes we are lucky enough to get one 5 hour stretch at nighttime. He doesn't do this every night, but on the nights he does we wake up feeling like we just had a weekend at the spa. :) A 5 hour stretch of sleep to parents of a newborn is a dream come true. At least to us!
Likes and Dislikes: Liam really likes to do his exercises! He loves to lay on my chest (or anyone's really) and lift his head up. He tries to turn his head from side to side. He also loves to do stretches and lift both arms up over his head. Lily Grace likes to watch him do this and then she says "TOUCHDOWN!" which is usually followed by a "Go Panthers!" or "Go Bucks!" (I'm originally from Cincinnati, is it possible to have lived in Ohio without being a Buckeye fan??) 😉 He also loves sounds and likes music. When he is fussy he can usually be calmed down by mommy singing or by listening to some music.
As far as dislikes go... he is not a morning person. He can be quite fussy in the morning and loves to be held or in the carrier with some soft music playing. He just needs to ease into his day a little bit 😉. He also HATES his carseat. Luckily he doesn't really go anywhere and our pediatrician's office is within walking distance so we avoid that carseat as much as possible!!
Milestones: This boy might be the smiliest baby I've ever met. Not just little smiles either, we get some big ol' grins outta this boy which of course, makes our hearts melt.
We Never Want to Forget: How Liam and his big sister bonded so easily and so quickly. Lily Grace absolutely adores him. She loves to say "he's so cute" and tell people "that's my baby brother" with a big smile. When he is sad she tries to give him a pacifier or she tells us what she thinks he needs (more milk is almost always the answer!). When it is time for him to take a bath she tells me "please don't mommy, Liam doesn't like his bath", although he is finally coming around to bath time, thank goodness! I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop... surely this can't go on this easily forever. At some point she has to get annoyed with him or the novelty of the "newness" will wear off? But for the first month of Liam's life Lily Grace has just been as in love with him as Devin and I are. 


  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little bundle he is! I am so glad your daughter is adjusting to have another addition. I am sure their bond is so sweet. Happy Friday<3

  2. Oh goodness, he's adorable! That mummy outfit is super cute.