Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Welcome Baby Liam!

Good morning friends! It feels so good to be back. I am excited to share a little more about our sweet baby boy with you! These past two weeks have been such a blessing and we honestly have never been happier. 

I wanted to share a little bit about Liam's birth story and add in some pictures of our sweet little man and from the day he was born. 

On Monday, September 16th at 5:30 am I woke up to go to the bathroom (for about the 5th time that night! #3rdtrimesterproblems) and then came back and laid down in bed, wide awake. I picked up my phone and started reading the news and some blogs and then at 5:45 my water broke. I knew immediately what it was, there was no mistaking it! I woke up Devin and we called my parents to come over and take Lily Grace to school. We were on our way to the hospital!
We got to the hospital around 7:00, I was admitted and they started me on Pitocin because I was still not having any contractions. At this point I was going to try not to get the epidural if I could, I really wanted to attempt to go without. I didn't have one for my last birth (not by choice) and was able to go without it, so I wanted to try again. 

A few hours in, the contractions had REALLY started to pick up. Like the super painful All-I-Can-Do-Is-Try-To-Breathe-Through-This level of concentrations. After 5 really bad ones in a row, I looked at Devin and said "What the $%# am I thinking?! I'm getting that epidural!!" So we called in the anesthesiologist, he administered the epidural, IT WORKED(!!) and oh my word ladies, that thing was a DREAM. I did not feel a single ounce of pain from there on out. I felt pressure, but no pain. 

I was able to enjoy the labor. I was chatting it up with the nurses and my doctor once she arrived. We were all making jokes and laughing, having a great time. 

And at 4:32 pm our handsome fella was born!
This delivery was different from Lily Grace's in every possible way. Which isn't all that surprising to me since the pregnancy was also VERY different, and so far Liam is a VERY different baby from LG. 

The last time around I had all these First-Time-Mom jitters that came from everything being so new... but this time around we are much more relaxed and confident in ourselves as parents. Instead of being nervous and Googling every question imaginable, we are able to go with the flow a lot more and it is making such a big difference in our overall happiness/ability to enjoy this time. 

Thank you for following along with us! I hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Congratulations!! He looks like a sweetie, glad you were able to "enjoy" the labour once you had the epidural, good call on that mama!! Enjoy all of the baby snuggles.

  2. Congratulations. Y'all look so happy, and he is a beautiful baby. My second baby (a boy) was like night and day different from his big sis. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited to see how different their little personalities are 😀

  3. Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby boy.

  4. So happy everything went well for you! Prayers for your sweet family!