Monday, October 7, 2019

Book Club-- September

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. It is finally starting to feel like fall around here and we were SO excited to get outside this weekend without melting into a puddle of sweat 😃 I've been regularly checking our 10 day forecast and it looks like the fall weather we love is here to stay! Well.. for the next 10 days at least...

Last month I had set a goal to read 1 book. I had no idea when our sweet baby boy would be coming and didn't know what life was going to look like with 2 kiddos instead of 1. It turns out life is definitely busier with 2, but in the best way possible. I am loving the dynamic of a family of 4 and seeing our "big girl" be such a great big sister to our little man!

That being said, I was able to squeeze in 2 books last month instead of just 1 and I LOVED them both! 

The Happiness Advantage-- This book is all about the power of positive psychology and how it can greatly impact every single area of your life. It can improve your personal relationships, your performance at work, even your health. What I loved so much about this book is that it doesn't just tell you to think positively and your world will change on it's own. This book gives you realistic, specific examples of things you can do to begin to think more positively in your everyday life. 

If you're still a little unsure or would like to hear more, this is the video from his TED talk which is almost like a movie trailer for the book: it gives you a taste of it without giving everything away. I can't recommend this book enough! I give it an A+ for sure!

Before We Were Yours-- The other book I read last month was fiction but based off of a real life scandal. Ladies, this book had some very heavy material and I found myself in tears while reading this more than once (it may have been the pregnancy/post partum hormones?!). I actually almost gave up on the book because it was too dark at times. I wonder if it just hit too close to home at particular time in my life and that was what bothered me so much. I started this book the week before I was due with our sweet boy and the opening chapter of the book is about a mom who gives birth to a stillborn baby... NOT the best timing for reading this book. 

I am happy I stuck with it because the ending really turned around for the better. This book bounces back and forth between 1939 and present day. It is about a family of kids who end up in a temporary home similar to an orphanage, and then about a wealthy political family in present day. I have to say I was surprised by the way the two storylines came together at the end, it wasn't how I expected it at all! All in all I would give this book a A-, and the only reason it gets a "minus" instead of a "plus" is because of how dark it was at times. But again, if I had read this book at ANY other time in my life, I may have been able to handle some of the darker parts better.

Have any of you read these books?? I know Before We Were Yours is all over the place right now, so I'm hoping at least one of you has read it. Please let me know your thoughts below in the comments!