Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Good morning friends and happy What's Up Wednesday! Last month I did not get around to doing a WUW because we had just had our sweet baby boy. I am happy to be back linking up today and can't wait to read all of your monthly updates!

What We're Eating: I'm embarrassed to say this... but we didn't even last a week on 21 Day Fix. In this phase of life we are in, we are just grabbing food when we can and it may not be the most healthy all the time. 21 Day Fix is great and it really does work, but there is a lot of food prep involved and I just don't have the time for that right now with a newborn. 
I pulled out my BBG cookbook and have been trying to make as many of these recipes as I can, but really we are just trying to get by right now! 
What I'm Reminiscing About: Halloweens past! Here was our sweet girl dressed as a little old lady for her first Halloween in 2017:
And then as Albert Einstein in 2018:
What I'm Loving: The weather around here lately!! We have been able to go on some long walks around our neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations because our weather has been 70ish and sunny consistently. Here are some of our favorite neighborhood decorations:
These skeletons doing yoga crack me up!
And then I loved how this family had their skeletons climbing their house and their tree. Points for the creativity! 
What We've Been Up To: Unfortunately our poor family has been hunkering down trying to beat a nasty cold for the past week. Lily Grace had it first (along with croup and an ear infection-- yikes!), then I got it, then Liam got the sniffles (thank God it ended with sniffles and he's already feeling better), and now Devin has it. We've been dropping like flies around here! Poor Lily Grace has never really been sick before, but I figured it was inevitable with her starting school this year. Hopefully we don't see a nasty sickness like that again for a long time!
What I'm Excited About: I am so happy that my doctor cleared me to start working out! I am ready to start feeling more like myself again. I notice a significant change in the way I sleep, my energy levels, my emotional health, etc. when I am able to work out so I can't wait to get back into the swing of things! I plan to alternate between yoga, running, and the strength training activities on the BBG app.
What I'm Reading: I just did a post about the books I read in the month of October here. I read 4 good books and would recommend them all!
Now I am currently reading Educated and so far I love it! Have any of you read it?
What I'm Listening To: Well, when I'm not listening to KidzBop Halloween.. I've been listening to Michael Buble on Pandora. It's such a great mix of Michael Buble (obviously), John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Norah Jones, etc. and I love it!
What I'm Wearing: Last week I did two posts about the recent clothes I've bought on Amazon. The posts are here and here. Here are a few of the outfits:

Click on the posts to see more!
What I'm Doing This Weekend: We are headed to Blowing Rock with my parents this weekend and I cannot wait! Blowing Rock, NC is one of my favorite places and it is best in the fall! We went last fall and these are just a couple of the pics I took:
This will be Liam's first trip to the mountains, so fingers crossed he handles the car ride well! This boy is not usually a fan of his carseat. Hopefully we can make it through the 1 hr 45 min drive somewhat peacefully.
What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: I have officially become one of those crazy Christmas people who starts celebrating the season early. We completely dropped the ball on Halloween decorations at our house this year, so my plan is to get the Christmas stuff up and out sooner rather than later. We have a trip to DisneyWorld planned for the week after Thanksgiving, so I know if we don't get it out before Thanksgiving, the odds of us dropping the ball yet again on decorations is looking likely. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I can't wait to see what you all have been up to this past month!


  1. So much fun! I hope you guys have a great time in NC! We have a trip this weekend too and I'm praying our toddler will do well on our 6 hour trip! I have a love hate relationship with road trips now that we have a toddler. Always love reading your posts!

  2. All the best on the road trip! I feel way better when I get to work out as well. Yes the 21 fix does work but so much prep.

  3. Beautiful pics of NC! Give yourself some grace regarding the 21 day challenge. You're in such a busy phase right now. I hope everyone gets and stays healthy. Have a great getaway with your folks.

    1. I figure as long as I'm trying to be healthy, that's all I can do for now!

  4. I'm not usually big into skeletons but those decorations of your neighbours' are amazing! I love it!

    And congrats on your new baby. Yes, this stage of life is all about surviving so just hang in there -- it will get better :)

    1. Aren't they hilarious??

      And thanks! I know we will get there 😊

  5. Hoping the car ride goes nice and smoothly for you. I had one boy that was a horrible traveler and it made for some Loooong car rides. Those yoga skeletons are the best; I just love when people get to creative like that!

  6. So many fun things in that post - I love those yoga skeletons too, people are so clever. Have a great weekend!