Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Let's Look... My Nightstand

Good morning! I am weirdly very excited about the theme of today's "Let's Look". The nosy, glimpse-into-somebody-else's-life type of posts are always some of my favorites. Not that I'm thinking anyone has anything super exciting on their nightstand, I'm not really sure what I'm expecting here?! 

Anyway, here's mine:
My nightstand, alarm clock, and lamp are so old I'm sure they are no longer for sale but they are from Pier 1 (nightstand), Target (alarm clock), and Kirklands (lamp).
I also have my essential oil diffuser, which I LOVE to put lavender oil into every night. 

I have my planner, which I look at every first thing in the morning, several times throughout the day, and right before bed. I also have my little bag of pens. I love to use my colored Flair pens in my planner and journal because they make it prettier. 😀

I also have one of my Lilly Pulitzer journals that I use for my Daily Gratitude Journal.

And then I also have my Kindle Fire which I got on Prime Day a few years ago for a steal. I use it ALL.THE.TIME. Hands down one of my best purchases!

Inside my drawer is a HOT MESS of pens, journals, essential oils for the diffuser, and God-only-knows-what-else. I need to go through it and purge. I won't lie, it's bad!! Notice there isn't a picture 😂. In the lower section of the nightstand I keep my Bible, prayer journal, and some other books.

So that's my nightstand! Pretty straightforward and nothing spectacular, yet I am SO curious to see what are in yours!! See you back here tomorrow for a recipe post. The first of 52 healthy side items coming your way. We're ready for you 2020 😉


  1. My nightstand is super boring! I keep my planners on my desk!

  2. That is smart to keep your planner on your nightstand so you can look at it for the next day! And first thing!

  3. Ha! I'm like you. . .just nosy. I'm just now hopping online so not sure I'll get anything together for today but it's fun perusing all of your beside tables!! Weirdly, we all seem to have a lot of the same things :)