Monday, January 20, 2020

Weekend Highlights

Good morning friend and happy MLK Day! I hope you are all enjoying the extra day off with your family like we are. We have some plans to do a little shopping, a lot of relaxing, and then are finishing the day with swim lessons. 

We had a very busy but very wonderful weekend and I wanted to share the highlights with you today.
On Friday night Dev and I had a "date night in" where we lit a fire in the fireplace, poured ourselves a  drink, and worked on the new puzzle we got for Christmas. This puzzle is an 800 piece jigsaw and it is taking us a LOT longer than our usual puzzles but it's fun! We like the "mindless" activity and sitting together chatting at the end of the night. 
 At 6:30 am our little human alarm clock came into our room and snuggled us. I went and grabbed her a few books to read and made myself a cup of coffee. Coffee, books, and snuggles are the PERFECT way to start a day 😍
 Later that morning we were going to a birthday party so we hit up our local toy shop to buy LG's friend's gift. We love this store for several reasons, but one of them is that they have several stations set up around the store for the kids to play while the parents shop. Our sweet girl just bounced from table to table playing with the toys while I figured out the perfect gift for her friend. 
 At the party our sweet girl opted to get her face painted like a pirate. She is very into all things pirate and all things princess lately and I'm loving her mix of sweet and adventurous.
 Here are the kiddos from the party getting ready for the magic show. LG sat next to one of her classmates and held his hand the whole time. It was too sweet!!
 After the party we all came home and everyone was pooped!! Let's just say Lily Grace and Liam were not the only ones who took a nap 😉. But first Dev and I had a couple of these dark chocolate sea salt caramels and watched a little TV.

After nap time I headed to the gym and got a quick 3 mile run in (no pictures, sorry I forgot!). Then came home, hopped in the shower, and my sister and parents came over to babysit our kiddos while Devin and I had a date night. My sister was initially going to watch them on her own, but my parents were bored and missed the kids, so they decided to tag along. We all joked that we had more babysitters than we did kids 😀.
Devin and I went to Optimist Hall, which is like a modern/trendy/fun food court. 
This is one of the restaurant booths, Papi Queso. It is gourmet grilled cheese and it is exactly like it sounds... delicious!! The two Optimist Hall pics are snagged from Google images.. because of course I forgot to take pictures AGAIN. I was having too much fun!

 Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for Mass. We recently got a new priest at our church and he is young, energetic, charismatic and relatable. People are loving him but it makes our church a lot more crowded than usual. Last week we had people parking on our street and walking over because the parking lot was full and we live on the first street over. It's a great thing for the church and our city! It's pretty hard to complain about a priest/pastor/worship leader who is so inspiring they get more people to go.

After Mass we hit up Trader Joe's and it was actually not crowded, which never happens. Thank you MLK weekend and people being out of town!!
 Then the kids went down for a nap and Dev and I continued to pluck away at our puzzle.
 And then I took a break from puzzling to feed this handsome boy, who is already 4 months old! I cannot believe it!!! I swear he was just born yesterday.
 After LG woke up from her nap we went to Target to grab some new sheets for our bed and LG's bed, this mirror for above Liam's changing table, and a floor lamp for the kids playroom. Once we get this mirror and a few other things hung in Liam's room I will do an updated nursery post. I love the way it is all coming together. It was all teal/white before Liam was born since we didn't know the gender. We have started adding in some Navy and "boyish" accents and it looks so cute!
 Here is the floor lamp put together and lighting up the kids playroom. 
We made dinner and our side item tonight was brown sugar and paprika sweet potatoes (don't worry, I'll be blogging the recipe soon!). They tasted like candy. Most definitely not the healthiest thing I've made lately, but we only had 1-2 little chunks each so it wasn't so bad.😊

After that it was a blur of getting the kids ready for bed and then Devin and I continuing to chip away at that puzzle. We are sooooo close to being done! 

Thanks for reading along today! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families/loved ones 😀


  1. I love puzzles. Doing them on the floor hurts my back! Your daughter doesn't mess with the pieces? My husband was just telling me about a new food hall we have here, we have to check it out!

    1. Actually she really doesn't care about the puzzle and ignores it! I hope your new food hall is as fun as ours is!! You'll love it!

  2. I love reading weekend recaps - lots of fun things in this one. That puzzle looks great (no side pieces, eek!), that reminds me to get a puzzle out at our house. We always do a Rockefeller Place one at Christmas, but we have some non-holiday ones to work on now.

    1. It's a good relaxing activity to do while chatting at the end of a long day!

  3. That is just wonderful about the new priest and added attendance, even if it makes parking etc. crowded. I hope you have a terrific week!

  4. We love working on puzzles! We took a break this month and put together a few 300 piece puzzles since we typically put together 1,000 piece puzzles and I felt like I was getting really old squinting at the small pieces.

    1. Hahaha I hear ya!! I'm looking forward to an easier one after this!

  5. Your cozy puzzle date is so sweet. I love your home decor- you have an eye for sure! Looks like such a fun little weekend with your sweet fam <3

    1. Thank you!! Maybe I'll do a home your one of these days 😊