Monday, January 27, 2020

January Books

Good morning friends! I am back from a wonderful beach trip with some girlfriends and feeling rested and rejuvenated. Exactly how I was hoping to feel after our weekend away! I wish I had more pictures to share but I was trying my hardest to be present in the moment and not be on my phone. 

We were supposed to go to Vero as a group of 5, but 2 of our friends had things come up with their families and were unfortunately unable to come. One of our friends, Lauren, thought it would be funny to make little picture cut-outs of our 2 friends that couldn't come and pose them in various places around Vero and snap pics to send to them. We were cracking up as we took "the girls" with us wherever we went and snapped pics. 

 Katie and Kendall working on their tans at the beach.
We had to make sure the girls were buckled into their seatbelts.
They came with us for mani/pedis. The chair back massages were a little strong for them.

I hope you all can imagine how hard we were laughing at this. And hopefully you see the humor in it too, rather than seeing us as a bunch of weirdos (which honestly, is also accurate 😀).

Anyway, its the end of the month and I wanted to share the 3 books I read this month with you. It's late on Sunday night and I am pooped after a day of traveling so I'll keep it short and sweet! This month wasn't my favorite month for books. I'm currently on the wait list at the library for some of the really great ones ya'll recommended... but the wait list is LONG. Like 50+ people ahead of me kind of long. While I am waiting on the other books, I grabbed a couple that just so happened to be in the library when I went to pick up some books for LG one day.
The Cozy Minimalist Home-- This books cute and really helpful in some areas. I feel like I could relate to the "cozy minimalist" style and definitely think I gear our home decor towards that theme. The book gave some good tips on how to make your house feel cozy while not feeling bogged down with too much "stuff".  I would give this book a B.
The 5 Love Languages of Children-- This book was okay. I read the original 5 Love Languages a few years ago and LOVED it. I loved learning how different people in our lives show love in different ways. That just because someone doesn't take the trash out or put the dishes away doesn't mean they don't love you... that just isn't their way of showing how they love you. I loved the original, but can't say I loved this one. There wasn't anything new in this... it was all the same info, but geared towards parents of children. That being said, if you already know the 5 love languages, I don't think you really need to read it. I'd give it a solid B.
The Tuscan Child-- The Tuscan Child was by far my favorite book of the month. No surprises there-- I love historical fiction! This book bounces back and forth between a British pilot who gets shot down over German occupied Italy and his daughter 30ish years later who goes to the same area in Italy to try to find more information about her dad's life. Not only is there a good plot, but the writer describes the Tuscan countryside in such detail that you feel like you're there with the characters watching the tomatoes ripen in the sun and pressing your own olive oil. Every time I opened the book I felt like I needed a glass of wine or some bruschetta while I read. I like that kind of book 😀. I give it an A! If you like historical fiction, add it to your list!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I will see you back here on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday!


  1. Those love languages are so helpful in knowing how to love our people well--and to understand our differences!

  2. What a fun trip! The Tuscan Child sounds just like something I'd enjoy.

  3. Your beach trip sounds so great! The Tuscan Child has been on my TBR list forever! Sounds like I need to bump it up and get it read.