Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Good morning and happy What's Up Wednesday! I hope you all had a great month. I have been feeling so grateful for this online community lately and just wanted to say THANK YOU for those of you who read along! You make this hobby of mine a million times more fun and I appreciate you more than you know!

What We're Eating This Week: So far we have had crock pot spaghetti and Greek style chicken kabobs. I did the spaghetti sauce in the crockpot because I wanted to try making my own sauce after reading The Tuscan Child (more about that later!) and had too much going on to monitor it all day. Crockpot it was! And it worked out pretty well!
What I'm Loving: It is Catholic Schools Week this week and I am loving all the extra fun stuff that we do for the kids during this week. For those of you who don't know, I am the part-time STEM teacher at a Catholic elementary school and absolutely LOVE my job. This week we have several little surprises planned for the students and 
What I'm Reminiscing About: We just had a wonderfully rejuvenating girls trip to Florida. It was so nice to get to sleep in, enjoy our coffee in peace, and relax with friends. We missed our babies and husbands for sure, but it was really nice to have a little time away.
What I'm Working On: Slowly building up my running stamina again! I have a 10k coming up with some girlfriends and I am trying to get back into shape for it. It feels so good to be back into running! Those of you that told me you were hoping to get into running this year, how is it going?? Please leave me a comment! I'd love to know, even if it's "I haven't started yet but still plan to".
What I'm Excited About: Devin told me he has a work trip to Spain and Portugal coming up in April... AND I GET TO GO TOO!!!! I cannot wait!! I have been Pinning all things Spain/Portugal. I won't be able to stay for long, and we don't know exactly where he will be yet.. but just the thought of it makes my hearty giddy.
What I'm Watching/Reading: What I'm watching... is the Bachelor.
I love Peter and think Hannah B was such a fool to choose Jed (or even Tyler) over him! This season has no shortage of crazy and I am loving every second of it. 

As for reading... I did a post on Monday about my books of the month but my favorite by far was The Tuscan Child
Have any of you read it?! I couldn't put it down! If you like the historical fiction genre or books based in Italy, I highly recommend it. This book made me want to eat all the Italian food and drink all the Italian wine. The author's use of descriptive language made you feel like you were really there watching the tomatoes ripen on the vine. We've been having a lot of Italian food and wine lately because of this book!
What I'm Listening To: I have been listening to a lot of French cooking music on Pandora while I cook/clean/get things done around the house. French jazz music and a lighted candle make me feel happy 😊
What I'm Wearing: I have been living in my IVL leggings, especially the navy blue ones. 
They are the most flattering cut and the fabric is so buttery soft.
Other than that, here is a glimpse at what I've been wearing to work lately:
Oversize Sweater/Leggings/Leopard shoes
What I'm Doing This Weekend: We have a Valentine's themed dinner party with friends. I am looking forward to celebrating the holiday about love with some friends that I love! Then probably pretending to watch the Super Bowl while actually perusing Pinterest. Just like every other year 😉 Anyone else?
What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: I plan to do a longer, more in-depth post about this on Friday but I am looking forward to donating/decluttering a BUNCH of stuff next month. My girlfriend Sam was telling me about an article she read that encouraged minimizing the amount of stuff we have that we don't need. She said each day of the month you either donate or throw away the number of items that corresponds to the date. So for example on the 1st, you get rid of 1 item.. on the 2nd, you get rid of 2 items, and so on. By the time you get to the end of the month and are clearing out 27, 28, 29+ items per day you start really decluttering! I've been keeping my eyes peeled for stuff around the house I can get rid of and I know I have an absurd amount of:
- Jewelry I no longer wear
- Nail polish bottles that aren't even good anymore (why do I still have these?!?)
- Socks with holes in them (again, why do I still have these?!)
- Items in the back of the pantry that have been there forever and we clearly aren't going to eat. 
- Scarves I don't wear anymore
- My kids have SO. MANY. CLOTHES in their drawers that no longer fit them
- A ridiculous amount of kid cups, utensils, bowls, plates. We usually run the dishwasher every night, which means we don't need 17 kid cups and 24 spoons. We realistically could be fine with 6 of each utensil since we wash them every night anyway.

And so much more. I am really looking forward to a "fun" way of clearing out some of the things we no longer need in our house. Check back on Friday for more details!
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  1. So much fun! I always love to read your blog! I can't believe how many similarities we have in our little lives lol! I used to be a Catholic School teacher and student have fun during Catholic Schools Week! I just started running and omg it is so hard to get back into it! Good luck! And I thought I was the only one who listened to French Cooking music on Pandora! I'm listening to it often while doing little things like blogging. Love your blog! SOOO fun you get to go to Spain! YAY!!

    1. Oh wow!! That's so funny how much we have in common!! Thanks for making my day Holley 😊

  2. I'm definitely checking out The Tuscan Child and your February decluttering goal makes me think I should do "40 Bags in 40 Days: A Lenten Decluttering Challenge." The stuff that builds up at our house -- ugh.

  3. Portugal, that's amazing! Good luck on the decluttering. It feels so good to get it done.

    1. Thanks Dara! Here's hoping I don't give up after a week 🤞🤞

  4. I need to get on the decluttering train too.
    We went to Lisbon and Barcelona last January and went to Barcelona in 2015 with our then three year old. Check out my posts on my trip if you're interested. I've got tags for Barcelona and Lisbon on the desktop version of my blog.

  5. OOh! That sounds like a super fun trip! We make our spaghetti sauce in the crock pot all the time and I just love how flavorful it is by the end of the day. Good luck with the decluttering. It feels to good to purge the unused stuff.

    1. Yum! I love how it makes the whole house smells delicious too! And thanks!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the leggings. I have been looking for comfortable, FLATTERING leggings. :)