Friday, January 10, 2020

Goals for 2020

Good morning and Friday! Today I am sharing my goals/resolutions for the new year and I hope you'll share yours with me too! Sometimes seeing someone else's goals will help spark a new idea for me too 😀

I LOVE the beginning of a new year. I love the chance to start over fresh, the optimism everyone tends to feel, looking for ways to grow and setting goals for yourself. 

Each year I try to set a fitness oriented goal, a reading goal, a goal for enriching the mind (other than reading), and then one other one. Here are the goals for 2020:
Fitness: Run 2 half marathons. A decade ago I would've laughed if you told me I'd become a runner. I was the girl who HATED running, yet now it is something I truly love. You can read about my journey to becoming a runner here. Last year I planned on taking a brief break from running, or so I thought, and then got pregnant. My doctor suggested not starting back up with running again since I had stopped and honestly, I was so sick in the first trimester anyway that the last thing I wanted to do was run. This year is different! I have already started running and it feels SO good to be back at it. I basically have had to start over from scratch, but that's fine. I know I'll get there in due time.

 Reading: Read 40 Books. Every year I try to read a little more than the previous year. I'm honestly not sure I can accomplish this one this year, but I'll try! We have plans to travel more this year so maybe I can get some reading in on our long flights. Or maybe I can get some audiobooks in while I'm training for my half marathons. 
Enriching the Mind: Learn French. Learning a foreign language was a goal of mine last year but I didn't put nearly as much effort into it as I should have. I'm hoping this year I can do better. My sister who lives in Charlotte got a new job and I'm hoping that maybe once she settles into it, she would be interested in taking classes with me at night. I"m going to put the hard sell on. As with most things, having a buddy to go with makes it much harder to give up/quit.

Other: Blog 4 days a week. This is another one that I might be kicking myself for in a month or two! In 2018 and 2019 I blogged 3 days a week, and this year I am hoping to add one more day. I currently am planning to add one healthy recipe a week to my lineup. Probably on Thursdays. Ideally this will kill two birds with one stone: write another post AND make more healthy recipes. Let's see how it works out! 😀

I'd love it if you shared some of your goals with me in the comments! Or if you've done a blog post with your goals for the year, please add a link! 

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  1. Have you tried Duo Lingo for learning a language?

    1. Yes, I love it! We went to Italy a few years back and I did Duo Lingo prior to the trip. I was actually able to talk to people in the shops and cafes! Albeit, I probably wasn't speaking it well, but it was good enough 😊

  2. I always say I want to start up running but never do.
    I am always looking for healthy recipes, especially kid approved ones

  3. Great goals. Good luck.

  4. Those are some amazing goals! I'm excited to follow along as you hit them out of the park!

  5. Good luck with the language thing. I agree, it’s always easier/better with a friend :)
    My goal would be “blog 4 TIMES this year“ since I took more then a year off - ha!
    I am looking for a new hobby or service project this year - just haven’t come up with it yet. Writing it down does help to stay accountable - good luck!!
    My daughter is running her first 1/2 marathon this year - I am so proud of her!

    1. Good luck finding your hobby/service project! And that's so exciting about your daughter! She will love it!!