Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Beauty Products Update!

Good morning friends! Thank you for being patient with me and my lack of a post on Monday. This is my last week of school and I had a bit more to prepare than I anticipated. We normally wouldn't be ending the year until the first week of June, but due to COVID we are ending a little early. But now I have my stuff together, and I am back! 
I wanted to do an updated post about some of my favorite beauty products because I have found some new great ones that I love! I still have a few "oldies" that I use regularly and will let you know what those are too. 
Retinol Oil of Olay Regenerist Cream-- Ladies, I can NOT stop talking about how much I love this night cream!! I bought this on Amazon a few months ago and have been using it every night before bed. I swear it has made a noticeable difference in my fine lines! My only downside is that since it has Retinol in it, it can sting a little bit. That is a normal thing Retinol does and it has to do with why it works so well, it's causing your skin cells to turn over at a faster rate. Anyway, if you have some fine lines like I do and want to try an inexpensive (comparatively) night cream, I highly recommend this!! It says $46 on Amazon right now but you can apply a $15 coupon... do it! You won't regret it.
Dry Bar Triple Sec- I read about this on Shay's blog recently and decided to give it a whirl. Just like she said, this product smells AMAZING! I love it and have been using it exclusively since it arrived. I usually use it after I shampoo my hair to give my hair a little extra grit/bounce. My hair is super fine and can fall flat easily. This helps to give it more volume and make it look more "full".
YENSA BC Foundation-- I still get my monthly ipsy bag, which is a beauty product subscription, and this foundation came in the bag a few months back. I haven't bought the full size one yet because I still have quite a bit left in my small sample size. A perk of joining Ipsy is that when I decide to buy the full size product of something, they often give you a discount code if you tried it through Ipsy first. 
Isle of Paradise Drops-- You all know how much I love my Tan Towel tanning wipes. I feel like I have talked about them probably half a dozen times on this blog. I honestly never thought I would find a sunless tanner I liked more than those until I finally jumped on the Isle of Paradise bandwagon. These drops are all over social media and blogs for a reason!! They really do work the best and I love how you mix them in with your moisturizer. I think I will be using these drops from here on out!
Isle of Paradise Water-- These are the same as the drops but the spray version for your body. I really like the ease of use and the look these drops give. My only caveat: don't use it and then bend your knees/elbows for an extended amount of time! I know that sounds weird... but I put this on one night before bed and then settled in to read my book, not realizing that my elbows were bent when I was holding the book. There was a VERY noticeable crease where my elbows are the next morning when I woke up. So maybe just give it a little longer than I did before reading a book?? Despite the weird streak I am still a huge fan of this spray and will continue to use this from here on out (at least until I find something I like even more!).

All-Time Favorites, or "Oldies":

Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream-- I got this BB Cream in one of my Ipsy bags over a year ago and have been using it ever since. It is my all-time favorite go to for makeup. It is just a hint of coverage on days where I want more of a "tinted moisturizer" look than a full foundation. The added SPF is also a bonus, even though my daily moisturizer has it too. I use the shade "light".
Clinique City Block Sunscreen-- I continue to use this almost daily as my moisturizer. I love that it has SPF 40 so I never have to worry about my face getting burned. 
Tarte Double Duty Base Tape Primer-- The smell of this one NEVER gets old! This has a coconut scent that smells exactly like the beach to me. It immediately makes me happy when I smell it. The primer itself goes on very easily and my makeup adheres to it well, but if I'm being honest I keep buying this 100% because of the incredible coconut scent.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara-- This was another one that came in my Ipsy bag that I fell in love with and have been devoted to for years! Thank goodness for all those Ipsy discounts, because I buy a LOT of the products I get from them! This mascara has a lash conditioner in it so it keeps your lashes nice and healthy as you use it. The bristles on the brush somehow find a way to get mascara on every single lash without getting it all clumpy. Clumpy mascara drives me nuts!
Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder-- The warm summer heat and humidity are upon us over here in Charlotte which means I've pulled this finishing powder back out. When it is humid out my face gets shiny and looks like it's oily, even though it's not! I brush a little bit of this finishing powder over the top of my makeup and it soaks up the shine. I only need this during the warm, humid months so I buy the travel size.
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray-- I use this daily to set my makeup after I've put it on. There is nothing worse than putting makeup on in the morning, only to have to reapply later in the day. This setting spray helps my makeup last all day without me having to reapply. According to the saleswoman at Ulta, it should last up to 16 hours. I've never tested it for quite that long, but I can attest to it lasting a full 10+ hour day and then some.

I love a good beauty product post! I am always down to try something new, especially if someone I trust is the one recommending it. Have any of you used these products before? Do you like them too? Or is there something else you'd recommend? I'd love to hear!

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