Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Let's Look: Hiking Through the "Enchanted Forest"

Good morning friends! Today's link up for Let's Look is "Our Weekend"... and much like you, our weekends look a lot like our weekdays around here! We didn't do anything remarkable over the weekend, we mostly just relaxed at home and it was wonderful but not the most "photograph worthy" weekend. I do however have some pictures from one of our favorite current activities: our hikes! 

In order to keep busy and get some fresh air, we have been going on some hikes through various nature trails. Our sweet 3 year old girl is in full-on princess mode and adorably refers to the woods as an "enchanted forest". It doesn't matter where we are, every single time she sees a wooded area it's "enchanted". Her imagination is one of my favorite things lately and I love getting to see life through her eyes. Here is a quick look at our walks through the "enchanted forest" aka, your regular old nature trail 😀.

 On our first walk through the Enchanted Forest, Lily Grace insisted on dressing up as princess Aurora. 
She also insisted on bringing her basket to collect berries, just like Aurora. We didn't see any berries, but she picked a few honeysuckle blossoms and put them in her basket. She also put a pinecone and a few twigs in there. 
On this hike LG and I went with my parents and Devin stayed home with Liam while he napped. 
 We found and tasted honeysuckle. Does anybody else remember pulling honeysuckle apart and tasting it as a kid??
 We fed the ducks some special birdseed. My mom goes to Wild About Birds to buy "duck safe birdseed". As a kid we grew up feeding ducks whatever we had but several years back my mom read how bad that was for the ducks, so we stopped. Now we only feed them things that are safe for them to eat!

 For our second hike we did a different trail, and this time the whole family was able to make it!
It's safe to say this guy enjoyed the hike!
 This trail followed a creek and had several spots along the way for splashing/exploring in the water. It was a BIG hit! We will definitely be going back to this trail
 Dev and Lily Grace exploring the creek.
Lily Grace and I exploring the creek.

We've been loving this spring weather and are so grateful for the ability to get outside. A little time spent in nature each day is helping all of us to keep from going crazy!

Thanks for following along today. I'll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. That's so cute, the enchanted forest. As a mother of boys, our hikes include a lot of fighting the "bad guys" and finding sticks to make "pew pew" sounds with. I know we are promoting gender neutral things, but sometimes those gender differences are so clear!

    1. You're so right! LG likes to play pirates and superheroes too, but she always makes her way back to the princess-y type things!

  2. Love that she wanted to wear her dress and pick berries! That is so cute. We get lots of ducks and have started feeding them "safer" alternatives to bread and whatever we used as kids too.

    1. Right?? Gosh we used to just throw whatever we had to feed them... oops! At least we know better now!