Friday, May 29, 2020

What I've Been Priming

Good morning friends and happy Friday! We survived another week of non-stop rain but we are seriously looking forward to some sunny days in our future!!! Today I wanted to share my Prime Purchases for the month. I didn't buy a whole lot, but I think all of these items scream "I'm ready for summer!"
Swimsuit-- Last year before our family beach trip my sister asked me to order this swimsuit for her (she doesn't have an Amazon account). This swimsuit was so incredibly flattering on her (and inexpensive-- woohoo!) that I knew I wanted to get one for myself for this summer. Last summer I was super pregnant with Liam so it wasn't worth buying then, but since I still remember how amazing she looked in that suit, I knew I had to grab one for myself.
Swim Cover Up-- I saw another blogger I follow wearing this swimsuit coverup at the lake for Memorial Day Weekend and thought it was super flattering on her but also looked breezy and comfy. I thought I'd pick it up for our beach trip later this summer. It hasn't come in yet, but I'll keep you updated!
Clinique City Block Sunscreen-- I love this sunscreen for my face and use it daily. If you're looking for a new face sunscreen, I highly recommend this one! This is great in the summer because it has a little bit of a tint to it and almost acts like a tinted moisturizer. Even if I don't put any makeup on afterwards, this helps even out my skin tone.
Liam's Beach Towel-- I realized all the kid sized beach towels we had were a little on the feminine side... pink ice cream cone towel, a mermaid towel, etc. Poor Liam needed a towel that didn't scream "I'm a hand me down from my sister". We also truly needed one since we go swimming so much in the summer anyway. We have been known to go in the morning and then again in the evenings. We love to pack our dinner in a cooler, swim our hearts out, and then eat at the picnic tables afterwards.
Little Golden Books- Our library is still closed with no signs of opening back up. Lily Grace loves to read and we used to go to our library at least once a week, sometimes more. Not having it available has been hard!
AAA Batteries-- I know you all told me Costco was a better place to buy batteries, but we needed some and I didn't want to head out to the store for just one thing. Amazon may not be as cheap as Costco for batteries, but they are still a pretty good price and the convenience obviously can't be beat!
Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love those hooded towels; I used to buy one for my boys each summer.. until they outgrew them.

  2. I am going to add that sunscreen to my cart! I love tinted sunscreens.
    We miss our library too. This time is so hard for the kiddos because they don't understand why things are closed like we do. I feel sad for them! Hopefully we can get back to normalcy soon. How are the #s in your area? We have a lot of cases here still and although I am itching to go back out, I am nervous we might be opening too soon! EEK!

    If you like those Amazon batteries, try their rechargeable ones. We got them on Amazon and the charger and they work great! They charge lasts a while and then we don't have all these old batteries to try and recycle!

    1. Every time I buy the batteries I think "should I get the rechargeable ones??" Doing it next time!