Friday, July 10, 2020

Books I Read in the Month of June

Good morning everyone!! Hope you had a great week and that you have some fun plans in your future for the weekend. We are still soaking up some sun at the beach and I'll tell ya, we are going to have some trouble prying these kids off the beach on their last day. It turns out I have two beach bums for kids 😀
This month I was able to squeeze 3 books in. Let's have a look, shall we? 

White Fragility-- I hate that it took something like our current situation in order for me to read this book. This is a book I think I would've benefitted from reading years ago. This author, a white author, discusses things she has learned about white privilege while also discussing her time leading seminars about white privilege for mostly white crowds of people. The author made many great points, and several of which were things I had never thought about. I read this with a group of girlfriends and we tried to get together weekly to do a "book club" and talk about the book. I think it was a great book to read with other people and discuss! I definitely plan on reading other books on the topic of race, but I prefer to read some written by authors who are black. While I think it was interesting to get this (white) author's perspective, I think it would be much more eye opening to read something written by someone who has actually experienced it. Did any of you read this book? I'd love  to know your thoughts, leave a comment below please!
Bebe Day by Day-- In May I read a memoir written by this author and was really disappointed in it.. I wanted to go back and read one of the books this author had written that I loved to see if it was just the last book that was off or if my taste in books had changed. Turns out I still love this book and the book that goes with it: Bringing Up Bebe. Do any of you do that? Where you go back to reread a book you've previously read in order to see if you still like it??
Get Out of Your Own Way-- I wrote about this one a little bit in my What's Up Wednesday post at the end of June.. I started this book and was all about the encouraging tips and advice Dave Hollis gave on how to improve yourself in your work and your health, but mostly your relationships and your marriage. I was all gung-ho and remembering why I love the Hollis fam and how inspiring they are... and then as I was mid-way through the book, Rachel and Dave announced they were getting a divorce. This is obviously so very sad for them and for their children, and the announcement definitely took me (and many other people) by surprise. This is a family who prides themselves on transparency and being open & honest with their followers.. and they continued to publish their marriage podcast and Dave wrote this book while undergoing struggles in their marriage. I don't think they owed it to their followers to tell us everything that was going on behind closed doors.. but I think to continue to publish work that made it sound like everything was all sunshine and rainbows isn't the transparency they promote. Regardless, I still think the book was positive and encouraging and I still think it's worth reading. I am sad for their family though!

What about you? What books did you read this month? Anything you'd recommend? Leave me a comment!


  1. I felt the same way about Dave's book. Their divorce shook me! I'm sad for them and their family, but I wish they would have been a bit more honest with us, the followers.

  2. Great list. Happy weekend.

  3. I read White Fragility and my thoughts are in my current post! I thought that hearing it from a white person who understands how white people feel about racism was a great place to start on my anti racist journey. I definitely have similar books by black authors on my list as well.

  4. I absolutely have gone back to reread old favorites and see how they change over time.