Monday, July 20, 2020

Motivation Monday-- Back on the Healthy Wagon After the Beach

Good morning and happy Monday! As most of you know we spent two weeks at the beach and then took a quick trip to the mountains last weekend. We had an amazing time, truly, but we are also happy to be back home and back into our usual routine. I'm sure most of you get that 😉. It's also time to get back on the wagon as far as healthy choices go. When we are on vacation we don't quite adopt an "anything goes" mentality, but we definitely relax a little and have a lot more ice cream and a few piña coladas/local beers. So it's time to get back on the self-care bandwagon!
Swap out green tea for coffee on this and I am 100% on board! Here are my plans for our vacation detox:
1. Get used to setting an alarm again 😀-- I don't set an alarm on vacation, I just wake up when the kids wake me up. But during our regular normal routine, I like to be up at least an hour before the kids. I like to have my coffee, read the news, and say some prayers in the peace and quiet of the morning. Starting the day off right is so important to me and I always notice I am in a MUCH better mood throughout the day when I start it calm and collected. Once I get back into this routine, the rest is all downhill from there!
2. Drink my water!!!! I feel like a broken record talking about how much I love my infused water pitcher.
Not only does this thing help me to keep track of how much water I'm drinking, but if I throw some fresh fruit or cucumbers in it, it tastes delicious too! I just add ice to it throughout the day.
3. Get back into my running routine-- I feel so much better emotionally and physically when I have gotten a good workout in. I like to throw some yoga into the mix a couple times a week too.
4. Cutting back dessert to only a few times a week-- I don't know about you but I struggle big time with cutting back on my sugar intake after vacations. Going cold turkey on the sugar isn't realistic for us... we are a big dessert family. But if I try to limit myself to a few times a week, I'm more likely to not give in knowing I can have it another day.

Here's hoping some of this sticks and I'm able to get back on the wagon! What do you do when you get back from vacation to get back into your routine? I always love your suggestions 😀. Have a great week everyone!


  1. I think cutting back on my sugar after vacation or indulging is one of my hardest habits to whip back into shape.

  2. Wish you all the best with it. There's a couple there I need to get back into doing.

  3. I need that pitcher!!!