Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Our Trip to Blowing Rock, NC-- Summer 2020

Good morning friends! As I write this it is a scorching 95 degrees in Charlotte and we are doing the tango of in the pool, in the AC, back in the pool, back in the AC. Anybody else doing the same thing?? 

Just this past weekend Devin had a camping trip with some friends so the kiddos and I headed to the mountains to cool off and spend time with my parents. 
Lily Grace did a lot of hiking/exploring/"going on adventures" which made me so happy! She kept asking us to call her "Adventure Girl" because she was going on so many adventures 😂. The sweet innocence of this age is one of my favorite things.
Meanwhile Liam was content to just splash in the streams/waterfalls, which was equally adorable but also difficult to grab a selfie of 😉 Do you see all the little water droplets that splashed up on his face?? This water loving boy was on cloud 9.
The following day we did more of the same, hiking/splashing/etc. and then when the kids went down for their afternoon naps I headed out to one of my favorite trails for a 6.5 mile hike/run. 
One of the points along the trail stops at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, which is one of the popular stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway because of the historical home and beautiful views. The pic above is the view from the manor.

So while I was at the manor taking this picture, the view in front of me was mostly blue skies with a few small clouds (as you can see). I was not at all paying attention to what was behind me and all of a sudden I heard a clap of thunder. 😨. I was about 2.5-3 miles from my car still. The thunder still sounded far away so I decided I was going to make a run for it and book it back to the car as quickly as I could. It turns out the thunder was still far enough away, but the rain? The rain was NOT far enough away. I got soaked on the run back!!! I was wrapping my phone up in my shirt doing anything I could to keep it from getting wet. Thank God that worked and I didn't need to end up buying a new phone!! Also, that may have been the fastest I've ever run-- hah!!

The following day we went back to the same park/trails to let Lily Grace Adventure Girl and Liam explore the trails too. 
Here is Adventure Girl adventuring with her Pop Pop. Notice the dress? Even though she wanted to go on adventures, she also wanted to wear "an elegant dress" and bring Elsa along (check out that little blue thing in her hand-- it's Elsa 😂). So apparently she is one part adventurer and one part girly girl. I love it, she 100% gets it from her mama!
And here was Liam just hanging out in the stroller with his Nana. This boy loves his stroller and could go for walks in it for hours, I swear! He just loves to look around at everything there is to see and take it all in.
Here's a glimpse of Cone Manor from the bottom of the trail. Lily Grace said it looked like a castle 😊.
She wanted a picture with the castle.
And then my dad snapped this one of the two of us.
And then our ride home looked a little something like this. Is there anything more peaceful than your kiddos fast asleep after a long day of playing?? Don't worry, I grabbed this pic while we were stopped at a red light. 😉

Needless to say it was a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to go back next time with Devin! I especially can't wait to get up there in the fall and see all the foliage as the leaves begin to turn. 

So now between 2 weeks at the beach and a weekend in the mountains I honestly can't decide if I am more of a mountains person or a beach person. They are both so wonderful, but for different reasons. What would you say you are? A beach person, or a mountain person?? 


  1. This sounds amazing. I got caught in a downpour while running this week too!

  2. This looks so fun! I love Blowing Rock area and this makes me want to visit ASAP!

    1. It's the perfect time of year for it-- the weather was a dream!

  3. Your hiking/thunderstorm experience sounds just like one my husband, my mother in law, and I experienced in South Dakota last year... we had just made it to the overlook (our turn around spot) when we heard thunder rumble. We made it a few steps and the skies just opened up and started down pouring. The wind started to pick up too. I was trying to hide my camera under my clothes but everything was soaking wet. I always say I'm a beach person but I do love the mountains too! Your adventure girly girl is adorable.