Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Our Road Trip Bag

Good morning! Today's theme for Let's Look is our carryon bag except... I don't have any plans for a carryon bag anytime soon. A road trip bag though? That we have plans for in our immediate future. 😀 This is the bag of goodies I try to keep handy for our road trips so I can just hand a thing or two back to the kiddos without having to try to dig through all of our stuff. Here's what I'm packing for a 4 hour road trip to Hilton Head. For reference our daughter, Lily Grace, is 3 years old and our son, Liam, is 9 months. Most of the stuff I'm packing is for LG, not Liam. And the "bag" itself isn't pictured.. but you aren't missing much, its just a reusable grocery bag!
1. Books/Magazines. Lily Grace loves to "read" so I snagged a couple new books for her at the library before we left. Liam obviously can't read yet, but he likes to hold the books and put them in his mouth (that's basically reading right? 😜). Lily Grace also gets Highlights magazines in the mail and she likes to do the Look and Find pictures and the sticker puzzles. 
2. These magnetic paper dolls are a God send! Lily Grace is only allowed to play with them in the car, which keeps them "special". She can play with them for FOREVER without getting bored. I keep all the little pieces in a Ziplock bag and just hand her a few at a time so they don't end up all over the backseat. 
She also loves the matching game but I have to sit in the back with her in order to play it. I try to reserve that one until the end of the trip and we are getting desperate-- hah!
3. Water WOW Books-- One of you told us about these Water Wow books last year before our flight to Colorado and they were a HUGE hit! I love that they can't get messy, if it somehow spills it's just water.
4. All the snacks! I pack a couple of these no spill snack containers with things that won't stain and will be easy to vacuum up afterwards (crackers, popcorn, raisins, etc.). The no spill containers are amazing because you never know when you will hit a bump and the snack could go flying! I have labels for both kids and got them from I put their name labels on EVERYTHING!
5. Last but not least, headphones. We try to reserve any TV watching until Liam is about to take his nap so he can get a solid 30+ minutes of quiet. We love these headphones because they are super soft and they also limit the volume so the kids can't turn it up too loud and damage their hearing. 

So that's what I have packed for our upcoming road trip! Are any of you going on vacations this summer? Are you flying or driving? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know!

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