Friday, January 29, 2021

Books I Read in January

 Good morning! I hope you all had a nice week. Today I am sharing the 4 books I was able to read in the month of January. As always, thank God for audiobooks otherwise this wouldn't have happened 😆. Three of the four books were really good, and one was only so-so. Let's have a look:

 On the Bright Side: Melanie Shankle cracks me up. This book had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. I love how she can be so funny, switch to serious, then back to funny and make it work. I had several of those "dang, she's so right" moments while reading this. This sentence is in the online description of the book and it is the perfect summary: "Somewhere in the midst of online arguments and crazy politics and the ups and downs of life, we've lost sight of the gifts that are all around us: kindness, love, mercy, and joy." If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, I recommend adding it to your list! I give this book an A+. If you can make me laugh out loud, you deserve an A+. 😁

Living Forever Chic: This was the book I was hoping to love but just didn't. I think Amazon recommended this one because I had read all of Jennifer Scott's French memoirs and loved them, but this one unfortunately did not hold a candle to Jennifer Scott's. This author just came across as a little too shallow and pretentious to me. I did take away a few new pointers, like using cooled hard boiled egg water to water houseplants (it adds calcium apparently). Overall though, I was unimpressed. I give it a C.


The Girls in the Picture: This book was fascinating! It is historical fiction based off the real lives of Mary Pickford and Frances Marion, two of the most successful women in Hollywood's Golden Age who were best friends.

It follows the two of them through the beginning of their careers, how they met each other, began working together, and on. The book discusses their struggles to be women in a male dominated field, way before the days of #MeToo. I loved learning about these strong, driven women and knowing that they were real, not just characters in a book. I love old movies and Old Hollywood, so this was right up my alley. I give it an A. I would say A+, but some parts dragged on a little too long for me.

Loving My Actual Life-- I read Loving My Actual Christmas in December and loved it, so when one of you sent me a message recommending her other book, Loving My Actual Life, I immediately added it to my library wait list. I'm so happy I did! It kind of reminded me of one of the chapters in On the Bright Side, about comparing yourself to others. When we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, we can feel "not enough", even though we know we are comparing to their "highlight reels". This book was about seeing the beauty in, and learning to appreciate, our everyday "boring" lives. I absolutely loved it. A+.

Okay, so since you all know me so well and always give me the best recommendations, please leave me a comment below of what to read next! Some of your suggestions from the last several months I am still on the wait list for at the library. Devin even commented about the wait list for Anxious People-- there are still 224 people ahead of me in line. Hopefully I will get it by summertime? Love Your Life only has 35 people ahead of me... so hopefully that one will come soon! 

Dara I saw that you recommended Our Darkest Night and I have that one on hold too! I can't wait to read it!

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  1. I loved your book review! Do you have GoodReads, I would love to follow you over there!
    As for book recs, This Time Next Year wasn't bad. It was similar to One Day In December, so just a cheesy London romance. Hope you have a great day!

    1. I have a GoodReads but don't keep up with it. I just use a handwritten book journal I keep in my nightstand instead. I don't know why I prefer the handwritten one, but I do! Adding your recommendations to my list-- thank you!

  2. I read a book by Melanie Shankle awhile back, but not recently! I loved Anxious People..I hope you get to read it soon! I guess you already know where to find my book recommendations! :)

  3. thats crazy list for Anxious People. I need to rent more instead of buying them for the kindle.