Monday, June 21, 2021

Hilton Head Recap Part 1

 Hello there! I took last week off while we were at the beach and it feels good to be back. We had the most wonderful time at the beach. While I can't exactly say taking two young kids to the beach was a relaxing trip, it was a lot of FUN! Before we left Devin asked me "what are you most looking forward to about the beach trip?" and I said "I can't wait to wear the kiddos out at the beach and pool all morning, and then for them to take killer naps in the afternoon". I am happy to report back that that was exactly what our trip looked like (most days). Most of our days started like this:

And after lunch looked a little like this:
Then they both would perk back up again for a few more hours before dinner, bath time and bed. It was perfect! 

Since most of our days looked a little repetitive, I won't show you every single picture I took. I will give you the basic run down though. Grab a cup of coffee and head to Hilton Head, SC with us!

Liam's new favorite word is "snack", or as he says it "nack". He would walk from person to person asking them for another "nack". 
We were in Hilton Head for a little over a week with my parents, my younger sister, and my older sister & her family. It was great! We had two 3 bedroom units at the Marriott Surfwatch for the week and it worked out perfectly. 

Here is Liam with his cousin Landen, playing with the sand toys. 

We brought the paddle board and were able to spend a lot of time on it! Lily Grace LOVED riding on the front in the ocean. Here she is going for a ride with Devin. She went out on the board with us multiple times a day. One time she and I were out there and a pod of about 20 dolphins were swimming nearby. It was the coolest thing to be that close to them!!

A typical morning at the beach for us.

One night my parents babysat while Devin and I got to go out. We tried to make reservations at the restaurant but they didn't take any. They told us "there's currently not a wait if you can get here soon though". Devin and I ran back up to the room, quickly showered and were out the door as quickly as we could (hence the wet hair). We got there before the crowds and were able to sit down right away!

After dinner we went to play mini golf. Devin and I love mini golf and get super competitive when we play. We always have so much fun when we go together. He beat me by two strokes-- ugh! 

The mini golf place has a little arcade so we figured why not play a few fun games before we headed out. Then we got outside and it was raining. There were a lot of people inside the arcade waiting out the rain, but we decided to just go for it. I'm happy I didn't waste time styling my hair earlier 😅

The next few days looked a lot more like this:

And a lot more cousin time 😍

Thanks for following along today! I'll post the rest of our trip on Wednesday. See you then!

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  1. This looks like such a fun beach trip. You are absolutely right - travelling with little kids can be tiring instead of relaxing. But thank goodness for those quiet afternoons! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. That sounds like a perfect trip! I love your bathing suit too.

  3. I love your blue swimsuit!! That looks so great, I want to go there. Love that you can get out for some alone time.

    1. Thank you! Every time we get a chance to get away for a bit without the kids we feel so rejuvenated. We obviously love them to pieces but it's great to have parent-only time too!

  4. Isn’t Hilton Head the best beach?? My sister lived there for 10 years and we would visit as often as we could! Beach naps are the absolute best. I’m glad they worked out for your kids every day.

  5. What an amazing start to your vacation. Paddle boarding is fun, but I've only done it once at Lake Tahoe. Sounds like the perfect activity to do solo or with LG. I love that you and Devin went to mini golf and arcade! Kids at heart :)

  6. Gosh I'm so jealous of the beach vacation! looks amazing!