Friday, June 25, 2021

A Summertime Day In The Life

Good morning and happy Friday! About a month ago I shared what a typical day looks like around here on a Saturday (post here), but today I wanted to share a typical summertime weekday. There is just something so fascinating to me about people's day to day lives.. apparently I'm not alone! So grab a cup of coffee and come see what a typical summer day looks like for us around here!

Starting at 4:30 am...

I am very much a morning person and very much not a night owl (which is funny because I was most definitely not this way in college!). Last week at the beach my brother-in-law and I were talking about how we honestly can't remember the last time either of us intentionally saw 10 pm. It's so true! I won't lie to you I'm usually in bed no later than 9 pm, where I read until I fall asleep. 

Anyway, so I woke up, headed into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee...

I used to use all the sugar free coffee creamers thinking I was helping myself by not having sugar. Then one day my mom said "but what is sweetening it? If it isn't sugar is it Splenda? Stevia?" so we looked at the back of the carton and realized it was high fructose corn syrup... which isn't any better for you than regular sugar. So now I just grab the creamer with the natural ingredients.. at least I know what's in it, right?

I also add a scoop of collagen peptides. You can not taste it at all and I swear it has made my hair grow faster and thicker. Even my hair dresser commented on it the last time I was there. I buy it at Costco and get the unflavored, but you can also get it on Amazon

After making my coffee I settled back into bed to look at my calendar and pray about the upcoming day. I always feel significantly calmer starting the day this way.
I had initially thought I was going to head to the gym and do a BBG workout (now called High Intensity with Kayla-- I like that name better!).. but I've been on a yoga kick lately and decided I'd do that instead. 
I looked up the times for my favorite teachers at my studio, picked one and told Dev "I'm going to go to yoga tonight!" Spoiler.. it didn't happen. 😆 You'd think by now I would know that if I don't go in the morning, I'm not going to go that day. 

So instead I grabbed my coffee, got all cozied up and read my book for a bit. I am only about 1/4 of the way in, but so far I love it! 
If you can see in the bottom corner it says "Large print". If I'm going to read on an actual book vs a Kindle I always go for the large print because they are available much faster the library. I actually kinda like the large print too! 

The kids were still asleep so I threw in a load of laundry... 

Then headed to Harris Teeter to get some food I knew we would need later that day. While I was there I saw the prettiest dragonfruit and thought LG would love it. I love how unique looking they are, and I'll take any excuse to get my kids excited about eating a healthy food. 

I had all my stuff and was ready to go.

This little one was awake by the time I got home. She thought the dragonfruit was "cool".

Then she helped me scoop some into a smoothie. While LG and I were making our smoothie, this little guy woke up:

And I made myself a second cup of coffee.. not because I felt like I needed it but because this flavor just tastes so dang good. 

We usually use our reusable coffee filters but I saw these at Walmart a couple months ago and was curious. They are delicious!

Then we headed outside to play for a bit. Lily Grace wanted to paint her nails so she did that... 
which transitioned to painting the pretend hands I drew on some cardboard.
While Liam sat with me and had his snack. 

Then I filled up our new bird feeder. 

Our old one was working really well until I ran out of the spicy squirrel-repellant birdseed. Instead of going to the store to buy more I got lazy and poured some regular birdseed in there. Well, the squirrels not only ate all the seed but they knocked the feeder down and broke it. 

The new one is ready to go!

Then I packed a picnic lunch, got the kids swimsuits and sunscreen on (and my own) and we headed to the pool.

The pool we go to is only 5 minutes from Devin's work, so he joined us for his lunch break. He swam with Liam while LG wanted to snuggle.
All of a sudden our girl who used to nap from 1-4 daily is going on these nap strikes. By the 3rd day in a row of not napping she gets sleepy and just wants to cuddle all day. Which is very sweet, but hard when I'm also trying to watch Liam. Thank God Dev had met us at the pool for a bit and we were able to do both. 

It's kinda hard to see here but Liam is climbing up the steps back there to go down the slide, and LG is following him. We love this pool!
We had our picnic lunch at the pool, then came home and both kids napped-- woohoo!! Nothing like one of them going on a nap strike to make you appreciate them napping simultaneously!!!

They both napped for about 2 hours and while they did I was able to:
- fold two loads of laundry
- schedule a hair cut for Liam
- schedule a hair appointment for myself
- print off a craft for LG for while I make dinner
- prep our food for dinner (zoodles with shrimp, sweet potatoes, and some squash)

- I took a quick shower
- I was able to squeeze about 10 minutes of yoga in before Liam woke up (I decided 10 minutes was enough, I didn't need to go to a class later 😉)
It's amazing what all a mom can get done with two uninterrupted hours, am I right? 

The kids were hungry so I popped a bag of popcorn for a snack.

While LG did her art project I printed during nap time. It was a free download from Pinterest-- gotta love free!

Liam played with his toys while I started getting dinner cooking...

And this one just kept going with her art...

Liam started putting the Mr. Potato Head pieces on his own head, which made us laugh. 
Then Dev came home, we ate dinner, and headed to the parking lot behind our fence so LG could practice bike riding and Liam could run around. 

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of bath time, brushing teeth, and bedtime. Once the kids were down, I read outside for a bit while Dev was on a work call. 
Then we went inside to watch an episode of the Crown. I love the Crown, but must've been tired because I fell asleep on the couch about 10 minutes in-- oops! It was a busy day, but a great day! 

Thanks for following along today! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


  1. I really enjoyed Anxious People; it's such a fun cast of characters. Funny enough one of the books on hold for me this week was in large print and the librarian pointed it out and asked me if that was going to be OK. She told me large print bothers her and I told her I actually like the large print as I feel like I'm reading through the book faster! That sounds like a really fun day in the life. I remember being so sad when my boys started giving up naps... I did institute a quiet time though where they could read books in their room for at least 30 minutes. I needed that sanity break and time to get stuff done and then if they were at all tired they'd fall asleep.

    1. It is such a quirky, lovable cast of characters! I agree about it making me feel like I am reading faster. :)

  2. sounds like a fun summer day. I have never had or at least bought a dragonfruit because I have no idea what to do with it. It is very pretty though

    1. I won't lie, the first time I got one I had to Google what to do with it-- hah!

  3. That's a great tip for the library holds, I'll do that next time there is a popular book I want.
    I go for straight half and half in my coffee (10%), you only live once, eh? My husband likes black coffee but it is not for me.

    1. I wish I could get used to black coffee. There was a brief period of time where I could drink it black but it's just so much better with a splash of something good in it :)

  4. Looks like such a great day! Your dinner looks amazing! I wish my kids would still nap 😜 I used to live for those two hour chunks of time.