Monday, June 14, 2021

Not Just a Mom: Quick Family Dinner

 Good morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I am writing today with this as my morning view:

Not too bad, huh? The kids and Dev are still asleep while I sip on my coffee and do a little blogging. Not a bad way to start the day!

Today I am linking up with Adrienne, Dara, Jennifer, Sarah and Joanne for Not Just a Mom and the topic is "Quick Family Dinner". I feel like this is something so many people can benefit from reading-- and I can't wait to read your posts!

In order to answer this properly I feel like I need to break this down into "just how quick is quick?" sections... because there's "uh-oh, the kids are hungry NOW" quick and then there's "I have 30 minutes or so" quick. So I'll list some of our Super Quick options and then our Somewhat Quick options.

Super Quick:

Our favorite super quick dinner is the "leftover smorgasbord". Basically I throw whatever we have in the fridge/pantry that's currently ready onto a large cutting board and everybody picks off of it. This is always a hit because it's a big variety and there's something everyone will eat.

This is an old picture because the leftover smorgasbord is never pretty, so I never think to take a picture. In this example though we have some rotisserie chicken, strawberries, veggie chips, cornbread muffins and meat/cheese pinwheels. We had it on a Lazy Susan here and we just spin it around and grab whatever we want. The kids love the Lazy Susan and makes this feel like a novelty, which is funny to me because sometimes the meals that take the least amount of effort end up being the biggest hits.. for reasons you don't even think about. 😊

Somewhat Quick:

When I thought to myself "what is our go-to meal we make in a pinch?" my mind immediately went to salmon and veggies. Luckily our whole family loves salmon, especially the kids, so we always keep some on hand. I usually buy it at Costco, use what we can for one meal, then freeze the rest. We also always keep a ton of veggies in the house, making it easy to pull one out and quickly prep. Sometimes I will throw everything on a sheet pan and bake them in the oven. Our recipe for this is linked here.

Sometimes I throw the veggies in the air fryer with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I cook the salmon in a pan over the stove. Whatever works!

When on a time crunch, the air fryer is my best friend. You can have a healthy side item done in 10-15 minutes. I love it. This is my garlic butter cauliflower, always a big hit with our kids!

We use our air fryer almost every single day. We even brought it to the beach with us! 

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  1. We like salmon too, I think we may be having some tonight!

  2. Now I want a lazy Susan for our table! We have some meals where it would be so fun!

  3. I love how you organized this :) I had the same quick is quick. Haha

  4. I love salmon and I just wish my kids enjoyed it too!