Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hilton Head Recap Part 2

 Hello again! Time to finish up the rest of our beach recap. If you missed it, I recapped the beginning of the trip on Monday. Right around where I left off, Devin had to leave us to head back to work and my older sister and her family had to head back before they left for a camping trip out West. So now it was just the kids & I, my parents and my younger sister holding down the fort. 

We spent several more mornings at the beach wearing out the kids. 

Followed by lunches up in our room and then nap time. 

I am still loving these homemade spring rolls for lunch. They are delicious, surprisingly filling and actually pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it! If I remember correctly these had spinach, avocado, cucumber, carrot and mango inside. I had a little soy sauce on the side to dip them in. The perfect lunch for a hot day!

Lily Grace started to go on a bit of a nap strike towards the end of the week, so I let her come on back down to the beach while different family members took turns staying up in the room with Liam.

As you can see here, somebody was regretting her choice not to nap. She grabbed a towel as a blanket and came to snuggle up with me and have a little rest time in my lap. I will never fight an opportunity to snuggle a sleepy kid. 💕

One of our favorite things about Hilton Head are the tide pools. Depending on the current and the high/low tide, these giant tide pools start to form on the beach. You can look up and down the beach and see a bunch of kids pull all their toys into the tide pools to play without getting crashed by waves. 

It's kind of hard to see but here are Lily Grace and I sitting in one of the tide pools as the tide was receding. 

This is a better angle to see the tide pools! Lily Grace brought out her princesses & mermaids and Liam brought out his trucks. We didn't have to worry about any of them getting carried off into the ocean by a wave.

By about the 6th day in a row of being in a swimsuit, poor Liam was starting to get a pretty bad swimsuit rash on the inside of his thighs. Being a girl raised in a family of all girls, I had no idea this was a thing that happened to boys. Devin assured me that unfortunately it happens pretty often. When the swimsuit gets wet, it rubs on their legs and some chaffing occurs. Our poor little man was miserable. I posted on my Instagram story asking all my boy mom friends for advice and the #1 comment was to try to let it air out for a bit, no swimsuit and if the diaper is rubbing, no diaper for a little bit. So our little man turned Hilton Head's beaches into his own personal nude beach for about 10 minutes before we put just a diaper back on him 😂

I probably could've let him go longer without the diaper but to be honest I was afraid of him going to the bathroom. I did not want to have to clean that up!! Several friends also recommended some creams/lotions I can put on his rash but if any of you have recommendations please share!! One of my girlifrends who has 3 boys said her boys were so miserable after their last beach trip she went out and bought all 3 of them little speedos. I laughed, but I also get it! Nobody wants their kids to be miserable at the beach!

Our view from the beach on the last day! We love it here so much.
Last day playing in the tide pools!
It was another wonderful trip in the books! We were all saying by the end of the week that it goes by too quickly. We can't wait to go back again next year!

Thanks for following along today! Come back again tomorrow for a recipe (finally!).


  1. Love all the beach photos! We are heading to SC soon. I'd forgotten until you mentioned it, but Hayden would get that rash too...year after year...probably up until he was 7 or so? I learned to bring Desitin on the trips...and sometimes he'd just wear basketball shorts if needed. The weather looks beautiful, and you are right, I love the tide pools...perfect for kid play!

  2. My family always went to Hilton Head growing up. Please tell me you went and listened to Greg Russel sing under that big tree.
    Caroline @Dramatic in the Best Way

    1. We didn’t but I can add that to our list for next year!

  3. We used to use a surfing rash roll on for my boys thighs; it comes in a stick like deodorant and you just roll in on their thighs to try and keep some of the sand out of there. I love those tide pools! I don't like being in the surf myself but I do like to get my feet went and cool off.

    1. I’ll add that to my list of things to try!! That rash is the worst! Thanks for the tip

  4. Love all your photos. The beach looked so calm from what I am use to when I was younger.

  5. We have cut out the mesh part of swimming trunks for our son and also have used a&d ointment or coconut oil on the skin especially if the rash has already started. Aquaphor is also good. Great pics!