Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Let's Look: Summer Bucket Lists

 Good morning! Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look and the topic is our summer bucket lists. I posted the kids summer bucket lists a couple weeks ago, and today I want to share the parents summer bucket list-- because lets be real, we have things we want to do too! 

So first, if you want to see the kids' summer bucket list, click here.

Now onto the parents' list!

1. Use the Paddle Board at Least 5 Times-- If you're new around here I got an inflatable paddle board for a combination Mother's Day/birthday gift. We have used it a couple times so far and I love it!! I am looking forward to using it several more times this summer. Lily Grace loves to ride on the front and look for turtles, fish, birds, etc. 

2. Go For a Few Hikes-- We are a big outdoorsy family and while hiking wasn't something the kids mentioned they wanted to do, Devin and I definitely want to!

3. Go to a Baseball Game-- This could either be a date night activity or something we bring the kids to if it's early enough/not too hot out. Growing up in Cincinnati we had season tickets to the Reds for several years and I have the best memories of going to the games. Baseball is still my favorite sport to watch in person. It's a more relaxed atmosphere than a football or a basketball game. 

4. Family Movie Night with Our Outside Projector-- For Christmas I got Devin an outdoor projector and screen for movies. We haven't had a chance to set it up for movie night yet and we need to do it! Who knows, maybe even have a couple other kids over and let them run around the yard/watch the movie. Sounds like fun, right??

5. Attempt SUP Surfing-- Okay this one is kind of a long shot, hence me using the word "attempt". On the box my paddle board came in there was a picture of a dad and daughter surfing on the board. I didn't know SUP surfing was a thing? I googled it and apparently it is easier than regular surfing. Devin & I have both surfed before and the biggest struggle for us is popping up on the board without falling over. With SUP surfing you're already standing, so that's half the battle right there! I'm sure I will wipe out 99 tries out of 100, but it looks like a lot of fun so it's worth trying!

6. Kayak in the Intracoastal-- One of our favorite memories from last summer. We had so much fun kayaking with our sweet girl and can't wait to do it again. To be honest, I love Devin to pieces but I have no interest in going with just him. My hairdresser lovingly refers to double kayaks as "divorce kayaks" and if you've ever paddled with a bossy person in a double kayak-- you know why!! I'm joking, I would happily go with him.. I'll just sit in the front 😉

7. Go Camping-- Devin and Lily Grace have gone camping multiple times, and he really wants to do it again this year. Liam is probably still too young, so I'll gladly take one for the team and stay home with him. Camping is not my favorite. I prefer a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed.

I can't wait to read the rest of your bucket lists today because I'm sure it will spark a few ideas to add to ours. Have a great day!!


  1. We got an outdoor projector with sheet for Christmas a few years ago and we have never used it! I love the idea of it but in actuality I tend to get eaten alive by the mosquitos.