Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Favorites

Hello hello friends and happy Friday! The last Friday in June, can you believe it? The summer is already flying by. We have been soaking up the sun this month and it has been wonderful. Here's a look at some of our recent favorites:

We started the month in Hilton Head, SC. I did "A Day in the Life of Us at the Beach" a couple weeks ago that shares a few more pictures, but here are some of our favorites from our time there:

When we weren't spending our time at the pool or the beach, we found some other fun activities to do on the island. Devin found Pirates of Hilton Head which was adorable and so much fun for young kids. My dad came with us and honestly we all had a blast. The kids were given pirate tattoos, a pirate vest, and a pirate name. Lily Grace was "Low-Tide Lily" and Liam was named "Land Lubbin' Liam". We got swords and an eye patch and they were ready to go! 

We got on the boat, and then sailed around the harbor. We saw several dolphins up close, some even swim right under our ship and popped out on the other side. Then, a "mean" pirate named Stinky Pete was trying to steal our treasure, so the kids had to shoot him with the water cannons to get him to go away.

They LOVED this!! I hope poor Stinky Pete gets paid well because there were a dozen kids on this boat blasting him in the face and chest with their water cannons. The guy was such a good sport about it and honestly made it even more fun. The kids were able to open their treasure chest and each got to take home some "treasure" (gold doubloons, jewelry, and other little trinkets). If you have young kids and are going to Hilton Head, we highly recommend Pirates of Hilton Head. They were wonderful!

We also went to play mini-golf, which was another big hit. 

Liam has some room for improvement for next year. 😜

The kids had a blast and every year they get a little bit better. I wish there was a mini golf place in Charlotte but there aren't. Isn't that crazy? In a city this size, you'd think there would be several. Or are mini golf places not a thing anymore? We used to play all the time growing up. If my small town in Ohio could have a place surely a big city like Charlotte should have some? The closest one that isn't a bar (and therefore more geared towards adults) is like 40 minutes away from us! Bummer. 

We were also fortunate enough to meet Luna the Mermaid at our pool. 

Lily Grace thought Luna was a real mermaid and it was so sweet to see her face light up when she got to talk to Luna. Luna said Lily Grace could touch her tail to see what it feels like and Lily Grace was in heaven. Then Luna got into the pool and swam around with the kids. It was so dang cute! There were several girls at the pool who had these mermaid tail swimsuits and now LG really wants one:

Isn't that cute? I would've loved that as a kid!

Since we've been back, we have been spending our days at summer camp in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. Not a bad way to spend our days!!

Now, this is a very random pivot here, but I want to share with you some new snacks and drinks I have found lately that I am obsessed with. My girlfriend Allie introduced me to this earlier in the summer:

If you love Dr. Pepper and you love cherry, you need to give this a try! Then I stumbled across this one at Kroger in Hilton Head:

I know cream soda is not for everyone, but I LOVE it! If you like cream soda, you need to give this one a try too.

I tried these two gems at Trader Joe's this week:

Both were a big hit! 

And then last but not least, these are some of my favorite sparkling water flavors right now:
I know the blueberry pomegranate isn't new, but I think the blackberry lemonade is relatively new? Or maybe it's just new to me? Either way, both are very refreshing and have a great flavor. If you're looking for a new flavor to try this summer, I recommend these.

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!!


  1. I feel like most mini golf places are only found at the beach and I can't understand why as it's a great family pastime! That pirate voyage looks like a lot of fun and reminds me of a similar one we went on in Florida when our boys were younger.

  2. We just got a new mini golf place in KC that is indoors - thankful since it's 90+ here already! but it's called prehistoric putt and it's SO fun. One of the holes you ride a little zipline and drop your ball at the end towards the hole and then have to put it in from where it dropped. Hopefully Charlotte can catch on!

  3. The lack of mini-golf seems like a real oversight! There was a putt-putt place near us when I was a kid, but now that you mention it, that’s long gone. A few years ago, my friend and I went to the Jersey Shore for the day and did All the Beachy Things, including, of course, pirate mini-golf! :)

  4. Ella has that exact mermaid outfit. The pirate of Hilton Head sounds like so much fun. We did the Mermaid one and the kids like it but it was ehh.