Monday, June 20, 2022

Summer Morning Routine

 Hello friends and happy Monday! We got home from the beach yesterday and the whole car ride home I was itching to get back into my regular routine and the swing of normal life. Our vacation was wonderful, but I think my body is ready to get back to a normal sleep schedule, healthy eating habits, and feeling productive again. 

These are my latest tips and tricks for starting the day feeling healthy, positive, and ready to conquer whatever the day brings. By no means am I suggesting I have all the answers and this is the "right" way to do a morning routine. My hope is that by sharing what works for our family, maybe you might see an idea or two that could help your morning routine go a little more smoothly too.

Each day is a little different, but here's a glimpse into what my typical morning routine looks like:

The Night Before...

Okay you're probably thinking "I thought this was a morning routine?", but one thing I have found that makes our mornings go as smoothly as possible is to prep what we can the night before. If the kids have camp/an activity to go to where they'll need lunch, it's easier for me to pack it the night before. Then if I run into an "oh no, we don't have enough bread" situation, I can grab some in the morning on my way home from the gym. If one of the kids needs a specific outfit for camp/an activity, I make sure it is clean and set out for the next day. If the kids are already in bed, I fold the clothes and lay them outside their bedroom door.

First Thing in the Morning...
My alarm goes off at either 4:30 or 5:00, depending on my workout schedule, then it's time for coffee and to make my infused water pitcher for the day. I try to drink at least 70 ounces of water a day, and find it easier to do if my water has a bit of a taste to it. When it comes to my coffee, I add a little bit of oat milk creamer to it and a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen. I swear by this stuff for making my hair grow in thicker and faster!


Depending on the day my workout is either running, or yoga. As of right now I am doing yoga Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings and running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. The only reason for that being I like the early morning yoga teachers on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. 😊 I love working out in the morning because:

- I feel much better throughout the day, both physically and mentally

- it isn't hanging over me for the rest of the day, I can check it off the to-do list and be done

- I swear I have more energy throughout the day, despite the earlier wakeup time

- I sleep better at night

Getting Ready...

After I workout I come home and shower as quickly as I can before Devin heads to work. 95% of the time, I blow dry my hair, add a little Moroccan Oil, straighten it, put on some quick makeup, throw on some easy/comfy clothes, and I'm ready to go.

Getting the Kids Ready...

Depending on the week, either Lily Grace has camp or both kiddos are home with me for the day. Either way, I need to feed them, dress them, and then we jet out to whatever our activity is for the day. At 7:30 each morning I have our Alexa programmed to remind us to take our vitamins. (One day after forgetting our vitamins, I just told Alexa "remind us to take our vitamins every morning at 7:30 am," and now she does it-- no more forgetting!). The kids take these multivitamins, and Zarbee's Elderberry

Heading Out to Wherever We Need to Go...

Maybe it's camp, maybe it's a playground, maybe we're going for a hike, who knows! We are typically out the door by 9 am and have some sort of morning activity, then the kids are happy to play quietly at home the rest of the afternoon while I prep dinner/fold laundry/do housework/whatever.

That sums up my morning routine! I love the tone it sets for the rest of the day... I feel like I've already accomplished quite a bit by 9 am, and now my focus can be 100% on my kids and whatever we have set out to do that day. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great week!

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  1. My girls would love those lunches- they are perfect and love that outfit on you!

  2. So far we're only on day 1 of summer vacation and we had no schedule at all! I laid around in pj's until 7:30, did a bit of cleaning, and enjoyed our slow start to the day (though I did squeeze in an hour workout at some point while in my pj's).

  3. I love a routine...especially when the kids were little. The structure was needed for everyone to make it through the day. haha