Friday, August 10, 2018

Current Obsessions: Cute Cheap Pajamas :)

Good Morning! I am linking up today for Friday Favorites and wanted to write about one of my new current obsessions: my cute pajamas. These suckers were only $20 and made me feel a little bit cuter when crawling into bed at night (hey-- it can never hurt to feel a little more confident in yourself, right??)

This all begins with a somewhat embarrassing story...

A couple months back I had some girlfriends over on a whim for some wine and girl chat. One of the girls that had come over was wearing a super cute dress but as the night wore on and we drank more wine, she wanted something cozier to change into.  I told her I would run and grab her some pajama pants and a shirt to change into real quick. I headed into my closet and realized "Holy s%*!, all of these pajama pants and t-shirts I have are like 10 years old, raggedy, and GROSS". I grabbed her a pair of Devin's cozy pajama pants and t-shirt instead and made a mental note to stop wearing those gross old things to bed STAT.

I started thinking about this and realized I buy myself cute clothes all the time, why in the heck am I still sleeping in the same few t-shirts from college that have 2+ holes in them?? I mean, yes, the shirts are super soft and cozy now because of how worn they are... but still, it's time for them to retire.

I was perusing a few different websites for some cute pajamas and found a few that I liked, but ended up buying the one listed above in multiple colors. I figured "why shouldn't my pajamas have a hint of sexiness to them too?" If my pajamas just so happen to make both me AND my husband happy, that's a win/win. Also, Dev loves to give me grief when I shop because he thinks I shop too much but I heard ZERO complaints from him about these pajamas :)

I bought them in the black color pictured above and also this heather gray:

I thought these were adorable from Old Navy but I didn't love the matching shirt as much, so I decided not to go with them:

product photo
They are only $15 and possibly even 30% more off of that! I loved this color too:

product photo

Am I the only person who was still sleeping in old t shirts that were falling apart?? What do you wear to sleep?


  1. No, you most certainly are not the only person that still wears "old" pajama pants and tee shirts!

  2. Yes, I consistently buy new pj's but have old ones I can't get rid of. These are adorable!