Friday, August 17, 2018

Current Obsessions: Tanning Towels

Good Morning! Today I am writing about something I wish I had known about back in my high school/college days of visiting tanning beds. Back then I was like every other girl at school who wanted to be tan in her Homecoming/Prom dress or tan for Spring Break or tan just because I felt like it. I'm embarrassed to admit I used to tan in tanning beds ALL THE TIME. I remember my mom telling me "Lauren, you're killing yourself every time you go" but being an arrogant teenager, I thought "Oh that won't happen to me." Ugh, what an idiot. 

Fast forward 10 years and I had my annual visit to the dermatologist to get my skin checked. One of the many moles I had removed came back as "severely abnormal" and I had to go back again to have more of it removed. This dermatologist FINALLY put the fear of God into me and I realized, as my mom had been telling me all those years, I was potentially going to give myself skin cancer and the worst could happen. 

So I finally started looking into other options to get a healthy sunkissed glow and after many trials and MANY errors (read: many days of being orange and hiding out at home until it went away), I have finally found my top 3 options that I think really work well. 
Alpha Beta Glow Pad Intense Glow

These wipes are the first ones that I stumbled across that I really liked. These have a very natural look to them, not orange at all! These are great if you need an intense tan quickly. The tan sets in a few hours (I usually do them before I go to bed and have Dev do my back) and you will wake up with a very noticeable glow. These are the wipes for the body, and these are the wipes for the face. My only complaint about these wipes is that if you miss a spot, it is VERY noticeable. I would also not use these wipes the day of your event. I put these wipes on once the morning of a rehearsal dinner for a wedding and was a little self conscious the whole night because the tan is INTENSE. That being said, by the following night for the wedding the glow was perfect. So make sure you use these a day or two early if you have an event!

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for Body, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 7.5 Ounce Tube
As I said about the above wipes, if you miss a spot, it is noticeable so I usually try to fill in the missed spots with some of this lotion. I also use this lotion as the tan from my wipes starts to fade, and this can help prolong it a little. 
Jergens Natural Glow Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer for Face with Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 2 Ounces

They have a lotion for the face too which I love!

Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Plus, 5 Count
Finally, I stumbled across these towels on accident at Ulta and these have ended up being my ALL TIME favorites for a quick, natural glow. I ran into Ulta one day to buy some wipes for an out of town wedding and couldn't remember the name of the kind I usually order (listed above) but remembered the box was orange. I was in a big rush, so I grabbed the tanning wipes in the orange box and left only to find out they were not the same. I tried them anyway and like these wipes SO MUCH MORE. Remember how I said the other wipes can have a pretty intense tan and you should use them a day or two before your event? These do not have that overwhelming/too tan look to them. These have a much more subtle sunkissed look to them AND THEY'RE CHEAPER-- WOOHOO! These also come in Full Body size for summer, or Half Body size if you only need to do waist up in the winter (no need to tan those legs when they're covered in pants, right?). The reviews on these things are great, so apparently I'm not the only one who loves them.

Tan Towel Face Tan, 15 Count
They have them for the face too if you want them, but to be honest I just use the body wipe on my face and still have plenty to cover the rest of my body. If you have skin that is prone to breakouts you may want to use these though. 

So these are my top 3 go to tanning towels that I use, but I am always on the hunt for other great products. Anybody else use a tanning towel/lotion that you love? Or do you use one of these that I listed above? Comment below!

Have a great weekend!

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