Thursday, August 2, 2018

Life Lately With Some End of Summer Outfits

Good Morning! Can you believe it is already August? My teacher brain is having a hard time wrapping around the fact that summer is ALMOST OVER. I'm excited but at the same time a little sad. It's bittersweet for sure. I'm not sure when you all go back to school, but our first teacher work day is in less than two weeks. I plan on spending the next two weeks soaking up as much family time and relaxation as I can. We have our annual family reunion at the beach starting on Saturday and I am so excited to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins I haven't seen in awhile. 

Here's what has been going on around here lately...

Dev went to Australia for a work trip for a week, so Lily Grace and I were able to get some extra bonding time in with family. We got to spend an afternoon with LG's aunt and cousin. She spent several mornings with her grandma (who she calls "Nana") while I tried to get a head start on some stuff for the upcoming school year. 

 We got a little more outside playing time in.

I have this giant closet at school to store all of my STEM supplies and somehow in the past few years it had gotten REALLY unorganized and gross (I wasn't responsible for this, I just took over-- I promise!). Well, I'm a little bit of an odd duck and get weirdly excited about organizing things. This is what the closet looked like before I started organizing it:

 You couldn't even get to the back without pulling stuff out of your way.
Stuff just thrown in here, spilling out of boxes.

Stuff not put back in boxes, but just thrown on the shelf on top of other stuff.

And after a some new containers, a little paint, and a lot of work, it now looks like this:

Still a work in progress, but MUCH better! I love organizing things, and will do a post about how I organized all of this soon.

This is a quick snap I took before Lil and I headed out to run errands. This shirt is from last year, but they have it again this year in lilac, white, and navy. These are my favorite shorts to wear in the summer. I wear these at least 2-3 times a week because they go with EVERYTHING! If you also love the preppy look without being over the top, these shirts are perfect.

On Wednesday I grabbed dinner with some of my favorite girlfriends. These right here are some of my favorite people on planet Earth. Erica (on the right in the back) is the one who told me about the knock off Jack Rogers... thanks again girl :)

My dress is available here. It's just a simple maxi dress but I love it because it goes with just about any accessories I own. I have it in both blue and black, and it's on sale right now! 

After Dev came home from Australia, he wanted to soak up as much family time as possible before leaving for another work trip (boo-- but at least it was a quick one). We went to the Farmer's Market to buy some flowers and other goodies and Lil had the time of her life. There are more pictures from the market here. This is the same dress from Wednesday night but in black. 

We are planning to renovate our house within the next year or two so one of our favorite weekend activities is to take walks in some cute neighborhoods for inspiration. 

Dev snapped this one while Tucker was taking a quick break from his walk. This shirt is from J. Crew Factory (I swear I could wear everything from that store) and these are those same favorite white shorts from earlier and those Jack Rogers knockoffs I wrote an entire post about. I love these shoes!! Also, my cheap $14 sunglasses that look like my old RayBans.

Here is one last quick snap I took before Lil and I headed to a play date with one of her best friends. This shirt is a few years old but my shorts are here and then again, my favorite Jack Rogers Knockoffs that I live in all summer. I also linked to my Alex and Ani bracelets that I wear all the time. I have 7 of them and most of them have been gifts from various loved ones. Each one has a special meaning to me and I love thinking about the people who gave them to me and the story behind them when I put them on. These make GREAT gifts! I gave a personalized one to each of the hostesses for my baby showers and love seeing them wear them :).

That's what we've been up to lately, thanks for stopping by!


  1. You worked miracles in that closet! Your daughter is soooo cute! I’m waiting on my faux JRs to come - ordered the cork and plan to wear them to teach in. Enjoy your last weeks and try not to think about school too much. I’m in a training today and yesterday - boo!

    1. Thank you!! So happy you ordered some, you'll love them. Good luck with training and the back to school craziness!

  2. I too love to organize!! That closet looks amazing.

  3. Way to go on the closet! I love those Essie tops from Lilly. Such great tops!

  4. Oh no! I bet that was a mess! Count me in for the blog link up!

  5. I'm so impressed with your organization skills! Love that pink top and your polka dotted one too!