Friday, August 3, 2018

Current Obsessions: Getting Organized With My Day Planner

Good Morning! It is about that time to start getting organized for Back to School-- and I love me some organization!

One of the ways that I try to stay organized between working part time, blogging, play dates for Lily Grace, all of my errands, and keeping Dev's work trips straight is to write everything down in my planner. 

Side note-- I desperately need a new pen case. Anyone seen any cute ones lately? I haven't stumbled across anything I loved.

I picked this guy up at Bed, Bath and Beyond at around this time last year in the Back-to-School/College Dorm section. So I guess technically this is a planner for a college student, but whatever, it's my favorite! I've used Erin Condren planners and Lilly Pulitzer planners in the past and while I liked them, I like the layout of this one much more (and it's MUCH cheaper-- bonus!)

 This is a glympse at our November last year. I try to fill in the month at a glance the best that I can, but focus more on the weekly pages. I will make a weekly to-do list on the left side and try to plug each thing from my to-do list into the days of the week so that everything gets accomplished, otherwise I know I'll put things off and they'll never get done. 

One of my favorite things about this planner is that it comes with stickers. I realize it sounds so childish to want to decorate with stickers, but it brightens up my calendar and makes it look so much prettier-- and if my calendar makes me happy to look at, maybe I'm more likely to use it??

I pulled a few stickers off these pages to put in my calendar and I still have SO many stickers left!

I bought this giant pack of stickers last year for $11 and as you can see there were more stickers than I could possibly use in just one year, so I won't need to buy another one this year. There are multiple pages for each holiday/season which I love. 

I also love writing in colored pens and have this weird obsession with my fun pens. My Mother In Law bought me these last year which I love:

Image result for staedtler pens 12 pack

 and usually once a year I grab a pack or two of these Flair pens to use too.

Image result for paper mate flair pens

I also love a good pack of Washi tape to take random notes into my planner as needed. These tapes are so pretty and make me so happy to see. I'll add these to random things too, like to seal an envelope to a thank you card rather than lick the envelope, or we had a red/gold one we used on the back of our Christmas card envelopes for an extra touch of fun. 
Image result for 21 Rolls Foil Washi Tape - Gold & Colored Metallic Washi Tape - 15mm Wide DIY Craft Masking Tape by leebee

So the planner pictured above is from last year, and I just ordered my new one for this upcoming school year (I always get planners that start in August, anyone else?). I ordered this one below, but they have a variety of covers you can choose from. Click on the Me & My Big Ideas tab, and then click "planners" and you'll see them all. 

me & My Big Ideas PLNR-72 The Happy Planner System, Brushy Brights/Classic

That's it! Anyone else obsessed with their planner and decorating it? I love looking on Pinterest at those people who are SUPER into planning and the decorations, but ain't nobody got time for that around here! These are the bare minimums that I can find some time to do with my busy schedule :) 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I rely so much on my diary. I write lists in it and it keeps me organised - it's much scruffier than yours tho - where I scribble things in a rush!! Have a great weekend xx

    1. I rely on mine so much too! I'd be a mess without it! :)

  2. This made my heart so happy! I LOVE this planner and the stickers...I even have the teacher planner.

    1. Ahh! I thought about getting the teacher planner too! Do you like it??