Friday, August 24, 2018

Current Obsessions: My Kindle Fire

Good Morning! I hope you are all having a great week so far :) This week I wanted to talk to you about one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things-- especially when it comes to travel. I bought my Kindle Fire 7 last year on Prime Day for like $30 (if I remember correctly) and it has made my life significantly easier! 

Here I have it with me on our flight to Turks and Caicos. 

I will try to keep this post short and sweet because I'm sure you've all heard about Kindle type e-readers and to be honest, with all the research I did I couldn't find one that was THAT much better than the others (for what I was looking for at least), so I just went with the cheapest one. 

I love this thing because:
1. When I go on a vacation, I like to bring at least 2-3 books with me to read-- especially if I have a long flight! My suitcase/personal item for the plane would be so much heavier because I had books weighing them down. My Kindle is SO light and I can download several books on it at one time. 

2. If you have a public library card, you can download many books for FREE. Yes, for FREE. We live in Charlotte and the Charlotte public library system has e-book copies of many of their books available. If I finish a book and am ready for a new one, I can download one instantly to my Kindle without even having to get out of my chair/bed.. for FREE. Obviously because they are library books, they disappear off your Kindle after a few weeks, but if you aren't finished, you can just download it again through your library's website. (If this process is unclear to anyone or you'd like me to elaborate more on this-- let me know in the comments and I am happy to help!)

3. I try to charge mine a few times a week at night when I plug in my phone and then put it in my purse every day. I never know when I'm going to get caught somewhere and be bored. For example, last week I had a checkup at the dermatologist's office for the giant mole I had taken off (more about that here). My appointment was at 9:00, but I sat in the waiting room for over an hour before the doctor was able to see me. It helped having a book to read while I was there.

Those are my top 3 reasons I love my Kindle. This would also make a great gift for a family member/friend who loves to read. A girlfriend of mine got the Kindle Unlimited membership for Christmas last year and loves it-- so that's another good gift idea! The Kindle Fire 7's are $50 right now, but if you're looking ahead to Christmas, I'm sure they'll be on sale on Cyber Monday.

What about you, do any of you have a Kindle or an e-reader that you love? What do you love about it?


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