Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Quiet Time

Today I wanted to share with you how I do my daily "quiet time". What is "quiet time" exactly? "Quiet time" is a common way people refer to their quiet time in prayer/Bible reading/reflection on the Bible. 
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I was raised in a family that strongly believed in the power of prayer, and was raised to pray multiple times throughout the day. For our family though, the big time we always spent in prayer together was at night before bed. 
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Each night before bed our family would gather together to read a story or two from our Beginner's Bible, and as we got older we would read from an age appropriate devotional too. After reading and discussing together, we would say our nightly prayers. We would pray for our usual things (a good week at school, help with a test coming up, etc.) and then for other people we knew who needed prayers too. 

As an adult, I still prefer to do my quiet time at night. I know many people suggest starting the day with it, and while I totally understand that approach, I find that I feel rushed/distracted, especially on the days I go to work. I prefer being able to sit down and put 100% of my focus on prayer. I guess it is just a matter of preference. 

My routine now is pretty similar to what it was when I was a young girl. I use the Upper Room as my daily devotional and each day it recommends a daily scripture passage to read. I love the Upper Room because you read the daily suggested passage, and then it has a brief story someone has written that helps apply that scripture to your daily life. Many churches offer the Upper Room for free, but you can also sign up for a free trial online. I like the paper copy of the magazine because I tuck it into my prayer journal and it helps me to remember it daily. 
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After reading the scripture passage for the day and the Upper Room, I write in my prayer journal. I have used several different ones throughout the years, but my two favorites have been the Battle Plan for Prayer Journal and this simpler one, My Prayer Journal

One question I have for any of you ladies who are Catholic-- do you use a Catholic devotional that you love? I have tried a variety of devotionals throughout the years and haven't been able to find anything I like more than the Upper Room, and I'm on the lookout! Even if you aren't Catholic, what devotionals are you using? I am open to all denominations! Please leave a comment below!


  1. That is so smart to put your devotional right in your journal. I just started getting The Daily Bread, and it's the perfect size to put right in my notebook. Jesus Calling is a devotional I always go back to.

    1. I'll have to add the Daily Bread to my list! Thanks Tanya!

  2. I started following Phylicia Masonheimer on Instagram and she encourages you to dig into the Bible rather than relying on devotionals. I am loving it and learning so much more by just letting God speak to me rather than relying on someone else to do the leg work. I also recently read Jen Wilkin's book "Women of the Word" and it helps to know how to really study the Bible

    1. That's a great idea, sometimes I do feel like I'm taking the easy way out letting someone do the "hard work" for me.