Monday, February 11, 2019

My Trader Joe's Favorites

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend 😀 I don't know about you but I keep seeing grocery store hauls all over the blogs I read and I am LOVING it! I keep getting great new recommendations for things to try from my favorite stores. Since I am a regular Trader Joe's shopper, I figured I would give you my list of favorites. Maybe there is something you will try next time you go.  Here are the things I usually get:

1. Flowers. I LOVE the flowers at Trader Joe's. They are significantly cheaper here than our other grocery store and yet I feel like they last longer. I usually grab a bouquet of white hydrangeas and they will last me almost 2 full weeks. You can grab an extra packet of flower food for when you switch out the water. Do you see that little bucket on the wall behind the price tag? They keep them in there.
2. This orange peach mango juice is DELICIOUS! If you love mango, this has some strong mango flavor to it and in my opinion it's makes the juice so good.
3. The tomato and roasted red pepper soup. I have blogged about this stuff before but oh my goodness do I love it. We had a potluck at work several years ago and a coworker made grilled cheese and tomato soup, and brought this as the soup in her crockpot. It was the hit of the potluck and everyone kept asking her where she got it. I've been hooked on it ever since. We try to keep at least one stocked in the pantry for those emergency "what are we having for dinner?!" nights. 
4. The everything but the bagel seasoning-- My friend Kathleen shared this one with me years ago and I have been using it ever since. It makes whatever you put it on taste like an everything bagel, without the added calories of actually having an everything bagel. My favorite things to put it on are scrambled eggs and avocado toast. 
5. Any seasonings-- I try to get my seasonings from TJ's if they have them because they are a great price and they all stack on top of one another so easily. We have a tiny kitchen which means not a lot in the way of storage space. It is very convenient when I can use the height of our cabinets by stacking things vertically.
6. Cara Cara Oranges/Organic Gala Apples-- I always pick up a bag of one or the other. We go through a lot of fruit here and these are always fresh, delicious, and inexpensive.
7. Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water-- This is my favorite flavor and sometimes when I want something "fun" to drink but don't want the alcohol of a glass of wine, I'll pour some of this into a wine glass. It makes it feel fancier and it is the smallest mental trick, but it makes it feel like a treat. Anyone else put things other than wine into a wine glass? My college roommates and I used to do it all the time... for anything we were drinking... because who said the fancy glasses only get used for special occasions?? 
8. Green Juice Smoothies-- man oh man do I LOVE these! If I realize mid afternoon that I haven't had a lot of fruits and veggies that day, I will drink one of these to make up for it. It is loaded with nutrients from fruit and vegetables and fills me up for an afternoon snack. Definitely give these a try if you're going to TJ's.
9. The Indian Food- Devin and I love trying different cuisines and we love Indian food. We always grab a pack of garlic naan and then a variety of the other Indian meals. These are also great for those last minute "Oh shoot, what's for lunch? Or dinner?" moments. Our favorites are the butter chicken, palak paneer, and vegetable biryani.

Those are our Trader Joe's staples that we pick up whenever we run out. What are the items you grab from there that you love?? 


  1. They always have the best flowers!! We love that seasoning as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places! We love mango juice in our house so I have put your suggestion down to get the next time we're there...which may have to be this week. :D I always get their pulled pork {its in the refrigerated section} for sandwiches, their jasmine rice, the corn dogs, and pizzas, ooo and their olive packets - SO good for a snack! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    1. Oh my gosh, adding all of that to my list!! Which pizzas do you get??

  3. There is nothing better than fresh flowers, especially hydrangeas! I wish we had a TJ closer to us.

  4. These are great tips. I love shopping at TJ's! Thanks for letting us know about the extra flower packets...I had no idea! I have bought the regular tomato soup, and will have to try the red pepper version.

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