Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites-- Nordstrom Finds Lately

Good Morning and happy Friday!! Today I am linking up with Erika for Friday Favorites to share some of my favorite recent finds at Nordstrom. 
This baby bump is growing bigger by the day and I am trying SO hard to avoid maternity clothes for as long as I can. I have been on the hunt for some "regular" clothes that will still accommodate a growing belly without having that "maternity" look to it. Do any of you hate maternity clothes as much as I do? I am all about spending a good amount of money on clothes, but only when I can wear them year after year. I HATED that so many of the cute maternity clothes were so expensive. I didn't want to drop hundreds of dollars on clothes I may never wear again. Yes, this is my second pregnancy, but LG was born in May and this baby is due in September, which means I don't have any summer maternity clothes-- sigh. 

So I have been on the lookout for clothes that can work with a larger tummy, and unfortunately my favorite go-to store, J. Crew Factory, doesn't have the best selection for that. I hopped on over to Nordstrom to see what they had and was blown away by all the great choices! They had so many cute items that could work with a larger tummy, but also for next year when that tummy is (hopefully) smaller again. 

Here is what I found:

This Lush Maxi Dress I have had for years and LOVE it! I have it in both black and blue but cannot seem to find my black one anywhere (I am standing by the fact that one of my sisters borrowed it and hasn't given it back yet-- despite their denying it!). Since I wear it so often and haven't seen the black one since March, I figured I'd pick up another. If my sisters love it that much, they can have the old one. 😉

This dress is one of my favorite things to wear on an airplane. I recently saw a blogger I follow posted that she wore a jumpsuit on an international flight... the LAST thing I want to have to do is strip down almost naked in an airplane bathroom in order to use it. These dresses are super comfy, cute, and easy to wear when traveling!

The second I saw this one had pockets, I grabbed it. I loved the shade of it (they have 4 colors total) and the twist detail on the neck. Then it came in the mail and it turns out it was a major FAIL. Ladies, this is a size small. Does that look like a small to you?!

This was way too frumpy and shapeless in a size small, but maybe would be better in the next size down? It would definitely hide the bump... but it isn't the most flattering cut.

This dress hasn't come in yet, but I loved the little twist detail on it and figured it was worth a shot to try it. I am so excited/curious to see it in person and to see how it looks over a baby bump! I'll keep you posted when it arrives!
I loved the Gibson top because it was cute and casual and could also hide the bump a little bit. It didn't hurt that it was on sale.

Then there's this one... I mean how cute is this top? It easily covers the bump and still has room to grow. I have a feeling I will be wearing this one on repeat over the summer. 

I loved the shade of blue in this top and again, knew that loose fit around the stomach area would come in handy. I grabbed it in both blue and "coral tea rose".
I hope you all have a good weekend! We are headed to a baseball game tonight and I could not be more excited about it. This will be our view for the evening:

And it's Fireworks Friday-- woohoo! I love seeing the skyline all lit up at night and then the fireworks above it. 

See you all on Monday!


  1. I love that Gibson top; lots of cute choices!

    1. They have so many more cute options right now too! Just not many that will work for pregnant stomachs like mine :)

  2. I can't believe how big that maxi dress was! You got some great tops! They are all super cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. You really found some great options! I love the tie-front top! It's such a great price right now too!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E