Monday, May 20, 2019

Weekend Highlights

Good morning friends! Our weekend was jam packed with stuff but it was wonderful nonetheless. Here were our favorite things from the weekend:

Charlotte Knights Game

On Friday night we got a sitter and Dev and I went to the Charlotte Knights baseball game with my family. I love baseball and grew up going to games with my dad and still to this day love the feeling of sitting out in the warm sunshine watching a game. 

This stadium is relatively new and we just love it. It used to be across the border in SC and was a bit of a drive to get to, but as you can see the new one is nestled right in the middle of downtown Charlotte and has the prettiest view of the skyline. It's very trendy and offers better food than your typical stadium too, which is a nice touch. Devin had a pulled pork sandwich and a couple of local craft beers. I had a ranchero hot dog which was the perfect mix between tacos and a hot dog-- it was delish!

New Fence/Gardening
Devin spent Saturday morning fixing some portions of our fence that had started looking worse for the wear. While he did that, Lily Grace and I played with her slide and water table
We put her slide inside her ball pit and she loved sliding into all the little balls.
When LG went down for her nap, I helped Dev spread some mulch around our flower beds. It's amazing how something that simple can spruce up a garden so much!


Saturday night I had a fundraiser event for school and Dev stayed home with Lil. This event is where the teachers act as restaurant servers and serve dinner to the parents. We dress in our all black "server uniforms" and then had aprons to put on. It sounds cheesy and it totally is, but this little event ended up raising over $3,000 for the school so it's worth it! I had a blast and hope we do this for years to come!
Here's a side shot to show off that bump :)

Running Errands
On Sunday morning we had several errands to run. Our first stop was Trader Joe's, but it was such a beautiful morning that we decided to walk on the greenway nearby before we shopped. 
Lil got out of her stroller to play in the fountain for a bit.
Then she ran around and played in this little park area right next to Trader Joe's.
After Trader Joe's we headed to our favorite garden center nearby, Pike's Nursery. Lil had fun checking out the statues and fountains. 
We also played hide and seek in between the trees (not the best spot for hiding!).

Sunday Cook Out

Then on Sunday evening we had several friends and their kiddos over in the evening to grill out and play. I was too busy to take pictures, but wish I had remembered! 

We recently had our yard treated for mosquitoes and I have to say, it was SO nice to be outside and not worry about the inevitable bites. We found a company, Green Queen, that uses 100% organic, kid-safe, pet-safe, pollinator-safe spray and they guarantee that it works or else they come back out and respray. So far it has worked well! Green Queen is only in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta but I'm sure there are similar companies near wherever you live if you want to look into it. 

That was our busy but fun weekend.. hope you all had a nice weekend too!

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