Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Favorites-- Kids Swimwear Edition

Good morning and greetings from Jacksonville, FL! We are in town this weekend for a wedding and are looking forward to some quality family time, including today's trip to the beach! If you don't already follow along with us on Instagram, come join us! My name is allaboutthatmommylife18

Today I am linking up with Erika for Friday Favorites and the topic is all about kids swimwear... let's get to it!
Our local pool just opened this past weekend and we have already been a handful of times this week. It was a whopping 96 degrees here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday-- yuck-- so we've been trying to stay cool by hanging out in the pool. 

We have noticed that our pool is CRAZY busy on weekday mornings and weekends.. so busy that you sometimes get told the pool is full and you'll be put on a waitlist to get in, isn't that crazy? So after dealing with that once or twice last summer, we decided to try out some different times. We found that weekday and weekend evenings are the most quiet times to go. On weekdays we have Devin meet us there after work and either I bring our dinner with us and we eat at the picnic tables, or we order a pizza once we get there. 
Here we were at the splash pad section of our pool when Lily was only 2 months old-- look how tiny she was!
Since we try to go to the pool at least 3-4 times a week, we go through a lot of swimsuits. We bought Lil this flamingo one last year and it is still one of my absolute favorites. It held up really well in the wash and she still fits into for this year! 

Since I loved her Mud-Pie suit from last year, I decided to order a few more from there this year. It didn't hurt that they are currently having a huge sale and most of these swimsuits/coverups were 60-75% off!
She is really into mermaids right now, so I grabbed her this mermaid one 

and this mermaid one (only 9.99$!)

And I snagged this glitter unicorn one... not on sale but so dang cute I couldn't resist.

I also grabbed her this swim cover up...

and this cactus one that is on super sale.

and this flamingo hooded towel.

They also had some adorable boy swimsuits and towels. We don't have a boy to shop for, but I still like to look since we MAY have one coming this September. 😀

I thought this rash guard was adorable because the shark's mouth opens up.
And I loved this swim cover up.
And this pirate towel was too cute!

If you haven't checked out Mid-Pie's clothes, they have the cutest clothes for kids too and since they're having their huge sale right now, some of their stuff is crazy cheap!

I hope you all have a good weekend! See you back here next week!


  1. The girl things are so precious! As much as I love my boys, buying their clothes is just not the same!