Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bumpdate-- Week 22

Good Morning! Time for another update on how everything is going with this pregnancy! I am 22 weeks pregnant now and am still loving every single second of this pregnancy. The only thing that has me a little nervous is just how fast the baby bumped out this time. I am only a little over half way but already feel like the bump is HUGE! I still have a long way to go...
See what I mean?? 

I'm still able to fit into most of my regular clothes and don't have to wear anything maternity yet, as long as my other clothes are loose. I am currently wearing all of my normal shorts and pants, I just use the belly bands to help extend the waistline. I have them in both black and white.
I do however wear maternity exercise pants and they feel like a dream!

Here are some updates to the following questions:

How are you feeling? Honestly, great! About once or twice a week I have trouble sleeping, but then I'm so exhausted the following day that I seem to make up for it. My energy levels are high, the nausea is long gone, and I am just so dang pumped for this baby to be here!

Craving anything? Just food in general, ha! I feel like I am eating anything and everything lately. I definitely still want chips and salsa a lot, so I guess that's my number 1 craving.

Do you think it's a boy or a girl? I have no stinking clue! I have had dreams now that this baby is boy AND dreams that this baby is a girl. I have no clue! Luckily we don't have a preference. Originally I kinda wanted a boy since we already have a girl, but I have such a special bond with my sisters that I can't imagine Lily Grace growing up without a sister of her own. There is something unique about a relationship between sisters. Either way we will be happy!

Weight gained? Roughly 10 pounds

Are you still exercising? I am! I really think this is contributing to my high energy levels. As you can see in one of the pictures above, I still try to make it to the gym a couple days a week to do modified BBG exercises. On the days I am not at the gym, I try to walk at least 2-3 miles. I wrote a post about my pregnancy exercise program here, and I really try to stick to it.

Movement? Constantly! I was at one of my OB appointments and she was using the heart rate monitor to check the baby's heartbeat.. all of a sudden we heard this big thump because the baby had kicked where the monitor was. It made us both laugh :) Baby has had the hiccups a few times and those are my absolute favorite.

Favorite maternity clothes? I've been sticking with my non-maternity clothes as often as possible, but still loving these Old Navy yoga pants for exercising. I swear by the belly bands too!

Insomnia? Definitely still a thing, and I have a feeling it'll only get worse between now and my due date. Luckily it's only 1-2 times a week though and I am able to make up for it on the other nights. 

Weird dreams? Oh my gosh, I can't say I really remember any at this exact moment... but I have SO many vivid dreams. I've read that you always have this many dreams, I'm just more aware of them since I wake up so many times throughout the night. Regardless, I have at least one very vivid and very weird dream a night.

Anything else? I'm not 100% sure about this yet, and I still have some time to figure it out... but I'm thinking about attempting the birth without an epidural. 😳 When LG was born I wanted that epidural so badly, but it didn't take (did you know that could happen?!?! Nobody had told me that epidurals don't always work!). They tried three separate times to give it to me, but the medicine wasn't taking. By the 4th time they came back to try to fix it, it was too late. I had to give birth without it. That being said, I only pushed for 18 minutes and had complete control over my body. I felt absolutely everything--- both painful and wonderful. My older sister and several of my friends have had issues with the epidural slowing down labor and the birth resulting in a Cesarean, which I'd like to avoid if possible. So I haven't decided for sure, but I'm leaning towards going without it. I'd appreciate any thoughts/feedback any of you have on the topic!! 

I'll be back in a few weeks with another update!


  1. I have had friends whose epidurals didn't take but thankfully I had no problems with mines! You look adorable!

    1. Thank you! Yes I heard so many stories of how commonly that happens after I gave birth... Who knew?!

  2. I didn't have time for an epidural with my last child and it was just fine; really it might not be something you can plan ahead of time. All three of my boys' births were SO completely different!! I love my boot leg yoga pants from Old Navy (though mine aren't maternity!). You look adorable with that not so small bump.

    1. I was thinking about that too-- I may not get a say in it no matter what the plan is! Thanks for the input!

  3. I had no trouble with my 3 epidurals, but both of my daughters did... one ended up in an emergency C section after it delayed her labor and the baby's heart rate dropped. Go with what you're comfortable with!!

    1. Oh my gosh, that must've been scary! Thank you so much for your feedback, luckily I still have some time before I make the decision!