Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Back to School Clothes

 Good morning friends! Yesterday as I was doing my morning rounds of reading blogs, I saw on Shay's blog that she was talking about her kids school clothes and I thought "Holy cow I haven't bought LG's back to school clothes yet!!!" Luckily I still have a few weeks, but still! It's time to get on it! 

So we started the morning by first doing a purge of everything that no longer fits. I made the poor girl try on every single pair of shoes and tons of clothes (I bribed her with chocolate, she wasn't too upset about it 😉). 
Does anyone else get emotional going through their kids clothes and getting rid of the old ones? She no longer fits in these embroidered cowgirl boots and it made me so sad because she loved them!

Anyway so we went through her whole closet, all her drawers, etc. and pulled out everything that no longer fits. I then separated them into piles:

- things to try to sell on the mom Facebook buy/sell/trade group
- things to try to sell to the consignment store
- things to donate

I never expect to make a whole lot of money by selling her old things through the Facebook group or the consignment store, but even if I make $20-$30 it's better than nothing! Then whatever doesn't sell I just add to my donate pile and drop all that off. 

So today I am off to sell her old stuff, but yesterday I put a whole bunch of online shopping because there were sales galore. Here's what I grabbed for this year:
Striped Cotton Dress- J Crew Mercantile- 46% off plus an extra 25%

And then kids shoes were buy one get one half off at Target so I grabbed a couple pairs from there:

So that's what I grabbed for preschool 3's for LG this year! Where do you do most of your kids shopping? 


  1. Yes I get emotional when the kids grow out of things, especially things they loved. We haven't done any back to school clothes shopping. As of right now we are virtual for 9 weeks which takes us to November and the weather will be so different in Ohio.

  2. I used to get emotional about their clothes (and I guess I still do a bit). My twins are 10, so anything that's extra special to me, I put in a tub to save, and then I offer some of my favorite clothes to friends with kids, so I feel better passing it on. We just recently went through our hall closet, and I'm having a hard time giving up previous backpacks...with their name or monogram. I'm like, "that's their kindergarten backpack!" By now, my husband understands me...and those go in the "keep" tub for now.

  3. So many cute finds! My boys just outgrow one pair of athletic shorts and buy a new pair. It's just not as much fun buying for guys.

    1. Hahaha I bet! But I bet you also save a ton of money buying for boys vs. girls!