Friday, August 7, 2020

Target Home Decor Finds

Can you tell I've had home decor stuff on the brain lately?? We have some big changes happening in our house here pretty soon (more on that next week) and in the meantime I just keep Pinning and Pinning and Pinning all the pictures that feel cozy, warm and welcoming!

A couple weeks ago I posted some home decor items I found at and apparently you all loved it as much as I did! I decided to venture over to Target and see if they had anything that fit into that same Boho/Beachy/Casual vibe that was also inexpensive (comparatively). I'll be real up front-- some of the Target stuff is significantly more expensive than the same thing is at Walmart.. but then some of it is priced very similarly. Either way, the items were all adorable and I love that this look is "in" right now and so easy to find everywhere. I've seen it at HomeGoods, Marshall's, Amazon and World Market just to name a few!
Before I show you the cute items I found, I was curious about YOUR home decor style. Do you mind filling out this little survey below?

Thanks! Now let's move on to the cuteness 😊
Egg Chair-- This egg chair is very similar to the one they had at Walmart except that Walmart's was sold out and Target's was not. Don't you just want to curl up in this chair and read a good book? It looks so comfy and inviting to me! I think technically they are patio chairs, but I have seen a lot of people online use them in their living rooms as a fun reading nook.
Seagrass Tray--  I thought this seagrass tray was a cute and inexpensive way to bring some more natural elements into the home. You all know how much I love to be out in nature and the thought of bringing something reminiscent of nature indoors sounded like a great idea.
Tall Braided Basket-- I loved the look of this braided basket layered with some other  baskets to mix up the texture/height. 
Club Chairs-- I am SO bummed that these are out of stock because I think they're adorable! I signed up for the "notify me when they're back" so I'm hoping the restock them! I love that these come in a pack of 2 and are a little more scaled down than the egg chair.
Papasan Chair and Ottoman-- I loved that this one came with a matching ottoman. great for putting up your feet, or great for putting a few trinkets on top (just like in the picture!)
Round Palm Leaf Basket-- We actually have a similar basket we got on Amazon years ago and I love it! This one has the white woven into it though and I loved that look.
Seagrass Tripod Lamp-- I think this seagrass tripod lamp might be one of my favorites from the entire Target collection. It's adorable and adds a small touch of the Boho/beachy vibe without being over the top.
Rattan Plant Stand--  I love that this plant stand is taller and can boost a small plant up to give it some height. We love gardening/plants around here and that includes house plants!

Thank for reading along today! We are headed to the beach today to visit Devin's parents. Follow along with us on Instagram at @dontmindourmess if you'd like to see some cute sandy kiddos at the beach 😉

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  1. I am so terrible at home decor, I voted for Traditional but I'm not sure I have a consistent theme at all in my house. Is "messy comfortable" a style? Haha.

    1. Hahaha that's what our house looks like, so I'll count it!!

  2. I really love the coastal look. But lately we lean more toward a mid-century modern/minimalistic design with some boho touches. Is that a style? Hahaha! We are hoping to buy a midcentury home and keep it really clean and simple inside!!!

    1. Ooohhhh that sounds so nice!!! When you do it I hope you post a million pictures!

  3. I never realized Target had so much cute home decor. Now i want to redo my house.

  4. Give me all the baskets! And everything Hearth & Hand brand from target!