Friday, August 21, 2020

Backyard Camping!

 Good morning friends and happy Friday! Today I wanted to share a few pictures from one of our recent activities: camping in the backyard!

I have the fondest memories of camping in the backyard with my sisters and my dad. We would roast s'mores, tell spooky stories with flashlights under our chins, and listen to nature. Meanwhile mom would stay inside and get a good night's sleep-- which I appreciate SO much more now! 😀

While the kids were taking their afternoon nap, Devin set the tent up in the backyard. When they woke up, LG was so excited to see a tent popped up in the backyard, ready for camping! She wanted to put on her Pocahontas dress because she thought it looked like a teepee 😊

We had hot dogs and grilled veggies for dinner, not pictured because I was on mosquito patrol-- swatting them away from both kids despite the bug spray we had on. We get our yard treated for mosquitos but at this point in the summer it's like they've become immune to the spray. Does this happen to any of you?? Also, Lily Grace and I will get like 10 bites in a 15 minute period while Devin and Liam, who are right next to us, will get maybe 1. Isn't that weird??

After dinner it was time to roast and enjoy our s'mores. After Liam went to bed I pulled out the DEET bug spray instead of the organic baby-safe bug spray and it seemed to do the trick. 

We made traditional s'mores and Crunch bar s'mores but were really wishing we had some Reese's to throw on there. What is your favorite way to eat a s'mores??

Our little Pocahontas enjoying her s'mores and looking at her tent. 😍
S'mores round two! Nothing says "successful s'mores night" like chocolate on your forehead, right? 😂
Then we put Lily Grace's Frozen sleeping bag and an air mattress in the tent and they were good to go! 

Apparently Lily Grace slept like a rock out there! They are already looking forward to many more backyard camping nights this fall. 

Have you camped in the backyard with your kids? Any tips/tricks you'd share?? 
Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. So cute. We used to do this growing up too. I can't wait for a house with a yard so we can do this one day with Ella too! Love the smore pics, you guys are too cute.

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  3. Be careful with DEET bug spray! We diffuse citronella oil around us outside and it seems to help! Looks like fun - I think my girl would be way too excited she wouldn't go to bed lol!

    1. Oh we need to try Citronella oil! Our pediatrician recommended the brand we use so I feel okay about it. We always use the baby safe kind on Liam and try the baby kind on LG, but I swear the mosquitos just laugh at us when we put that on. It's so frustrating! I was shocked how easily LG went to sleep in the tent actually!! I thought for sure they'd be up for hours!

  4. Myself and two of my boys get eaten alive (in fact the one time we camped in our yard we ended up at the doctor three days later with a bug bite that had swelled around my sons entire thigh!)... while my husband and oldest son hardly ever get any!! So unfair. I like my s'mores without the marshmallows. LOL.

    1. Oh no!! I hate that for you, and I totally get it-- it's the worst!