Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Let's Look: Our School Pics

 Oh man I am SO excited to see some of yall's school pics today!! When I saw the theme for the day I chuckled to myself because I KNOW some good school pics from the 90's are about to be the best way to start the day!! I swung by my parents house over the weekend and snapped a few pics from elementary, middle and high school to share with you. I did not grab one from each year because I thought that would be a few too many to share, but grabbed a variety so you got the gist of how I looked as I grew-- awkward years included!

Let's get started:

Here we have 1st grade

2nd grade
4th Grade
Hands down the winner of the bunch... 7th grade. 

This was the year that I wanted to get highlights in my hair at the salon and my mom said I was too young... so being a not-at-all-bratty middle schooler (🙈) I found a box of blonde hair dye in my moms bathroom and decided I would do it myself... I FRIED my hair and it turned a brassy RED. I ended up having to go to a salon anyway to have corrective color treatment done on it but for some reason the corrective coloring was brown (still not sure I understand this?). Anyway, 7th grade was the year I had brown hair part of the year, until we went on spring break to the beach and my hair lightened back up naturally.

I also remember fighting my mom SO hard over this outfit. She wasn't a fan and said it wouldn't look great in pictures, yet in typical Middle-School-Girl fashion I knew EVERYTHING and my mom "just didn't get it"... hmmm... I think it's safe to say I should've listened to my mom about multiple things that year!
And last for today, 9th grade.

Hair returned to normal-ish, and the crazy middle school know-it-all attitude gone. I can honestly say I was much easier in high school than I was in middle school! How about you? Were you ever "difficult"? When was your "difficult" phase? 

Can't wait to check out your pictures!


  1. I dyed my hair auburn in high school and that "temporary" color stuck and held so much so that even seeing my hairdresser to have it fixed didn't help much. Between awful dye jobs and home perms I'm kind of amazed my hair looks as good as it does now.

    1. Hahaha same!! When I complained about my hair in middle school my mom would say "your hair is so fried you're lucky you even have hair left!"

  2. oh my gosh yes so much more difficult in middle school... and emotional! I remember this for most girls at school. By 10th grade I had grown out of my know it all attitude