Monday, September 14, 2020

Not Just a Mom-- Skincare/Makeup Routine

Good morning friends! I hope you all had a great weekend spending time with your loved ones. Our weekend was a good mix of being busy/productive and also relaxing-- my favorite kind of weekend! 

Today is our next monthly installment of "Not Just a Mom" and we are talking about our skincare/makeup regimens. I LOVE reading these types of posts because I always get great recommendations from you all! So I will share what I do, but I really hope you will link up with us below and tell us what YOU do too! And if you don't have a whole post put together, maybe leave a comment below telling us a thing or two 😉

So let's start with skincare, shall we?

1. The #1 thing I always notice that makes the biggest impact on my skin is DRINK MORE WATER. If I have consistently been drinking enough water (half my body weight in ounces of water), my skin looks significantly fresher and more youthful. When I haven't had enough water I look more haggard, and I honestly think I look older. So if you only take one thing away from this post today-- DRINK MORE WATER! Your skin will thank you. Go pour yourself a glass right now, okay?? 😉 I know I sound like a broken record talking about my water pitcher yet again, but with this I know I'm getting enough water in. Infusing it with fresh fruit/mint/cucumbers makes me more likely to drink it too!

So other than drinking water, I make sure to put sunscreen on my face/neck every single day. I've written about it before here but when I was in high school and college I was a frequent tanning bed user. I have had multiple questionable moles removed and am still paying the price for being so foolish years ago. But not anymore! Now I make sure to protect my skin daily. My favorite face sunscreen is this Clinque City Block Sheer.

I also try to use a face mask once a week (usually on Sundays-- it's the only day I remember!). I have been getting my monthly Ipsy bags for the past few years now and usually get at least one face mask in there. I love a good sheet mask:

Why are they always so creepy?? 😂 I can NOT take myself seriously when I wear these and love to try to prank Devin and scare him... they make for some good laughs!!

And a good wash off mask too. This one was a shimmery gold.. it paired nicely with that glass of red wine in my hand 😉

When I don't have one of the masks they've sent me, I like to make a homemade one out of an egg white. My friend Katie taught me about this years ago and said her grandmother did it-- her grandmother has the most youthful looking skin and is well into her 90's! I will gladly wipe an egg white on my face if it means I get to look like Katie's grandmother when I'm 90 😂

At night I wash my makeup off my face and then put this Oil of Olay Retinol lotion on. I have used various night creams over the past several years, some being on the pricier end, but this is always the one I end up going back to because it's the BEST. You can get it on Amazon or from Walmart/Target/any drugstore, but if you have a Costco membership get it from there! It's the best price at Costco by far.

And then I also feel like my skin looks best when it has a little bit of a healthy glow to it, so I usually apply a sunless tanner once a week. I use both the Isle of Paradise brand and Tan Towels-- they're both great!

Isle of Paradise Face/Isle of Paradise Body Water

Tan Towels

I have used the Dr. Denis Gross wipes too but feel like the tanners above are more subtle. 

As for makeup, I mix up my makeup routine based off whatever comes in my Ipsy bag for the month but still use some of my favorite products-- all found through Ipsy!

I have an old post about it here, and not too much has changed from this post.I try new things once in awhile, but the items in this post are always the ones I end up going back to. 

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Next month we will be back to talk about "getting crafty". Can't wait!


  1. I used to get Ipsy bags. I really need to step up my routines!

  2. I have been really wanting to try those self tanner drops. I might just need to take the plunge! I love your face mask pictures- haha! It makes me want to start doing face masks again.

  3. Thanks for the skincare tips. I swear by the red jar of Olay, but haven't tried the retinol version. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I am definitely not up to drinking 1/2 my body weight in water just yet but I am trying to get myself there!

  5. LOVE those tanning drops! I have two things for makeup/skincare I need ;) :

    1. Thrive Causemetics mascara. game changing.
    2. BeautyCounter Counter+ Overnight resurfacing peel. so so good.

  6. I'm a big water fan!! Love me some retinol also! You have lovely skin