Monday, September 28, 2020

Monthly Goals October

 Good morning friends! It's time for another round of goals for the month, and this month I am trying to focus on getting back into a fitness routine. For the past month or so my usual routine has gotten out of whack and I just workout whenever I find time. The problem with that is that by not making it a priority, I find that I am working out significantly less often. So it's time to change that! Here are my goals for the month:

1. Exercise at least 3 times a week- Life got a little crazy there as we were gearing up for the move and my exercise routine fell by the wayside. That and the sun has been rising later, so it's been hard to get a run in while the kids were still sleeping! But our gyms have opened back up meaning I have no excuse to not get my workouts in early anymore. Here's hoping I can get back to getting 3 in a week again! 

2. Decorate the house for Halloween! It's weird not being in our house, and most of our decorations are in the attic of our actual house. But there's no reason I can't buy some cheap Dollar Tree decorations just for this year! And we will also have our pumpkins to put out too 😊

3. Go to a pumpkin patch with the kids. One of the many reasons I love making these monthly goals and posting them online is that you guys keep me accountable! As I typed out this post I went and scheduled our visit to the pumpkin patch! Due to COVID the farm is doing visits by appointment only in order to keep numbers consistently even and not get huge crowds. We are officially booked for October 8th!

4. Have our homemade Halloween cards finished and mailed out by 10/23. We love to make our homemade Halloween cards every year and have already gotten a little bit of a head start on Lily Grace's portion of the cards. Now we just need to finish her portion and then get Liam's done! 

5. Read 3 books. I had another situation where ALL of my books became available at the library at once again... don't you HATE that?? I had literally 5 books at once and couldn't get through them fast enough. So I had to return them and go back on the list (renewing wasn't an option since other people were waiting). Here's hoping they're available one at a time this month!!

So those are my goals for the month! What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish this month??


  1. These are going to be so fun to check off the list!! Enjoy! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. These are great! I have never sent out halloween cards but this seems to be the year to do it...Great Idea!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I’m always looking for an excuse to do crafts with the kids, and this year I have no excuse not to!!!

  3. That always happens with the library! I can usually get through two or three before I have to return them!