Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

It doesn't feel like September is almost over to me. Due to Liam's birthday and our move, this month flew by so quickly. I feel like it has to be early September still, right? The calendar says otherwise 😊 Let's have a look at all the fun we had in the past month, shall we?

What We're Eating This Week- Oh my goodness, I have been on a roll with cooking at home and trying new recipes! Some of these recipes I found on other blogs/social media and some I have created myself. Stay tuned for some recipes like these Southwest Quinoa Bowls:

or these Zoodle Caprese Salad with Pesto and Blackened Shrimp:

I also loved this Berry Summer Salad from Britnee Kent (I think Brit is so dang cute and relatable-- and love that she uses her platform to promote health/fitness but also now mental health).

What I'm Reminiscing About- When Devin and I first moved into our house 7 years ago. We just moved out (temporarily) over the weekend because our renovation is about to begin and seeing the house empty brought all the feelings/emotions about how much love that house has seen. I stumbled across this quote over the weekend and felt it rang true: "It feels like I have closed a great book, but am about to open an even better one". We bought that house as newlyweds, brought home both babies there, and shared a million wonderful memories. I am so happy we decided to renovate and stay rather than move 😍

What I'm Loving- I am loving our temporary home! It is about 20 minutes outside the city, so I am definitely doing a lot more driving, but I don't mind (yet!). The only downside is that this house has a garage and ours doesn't... I am going to be SPOILED ROTTEN by this dang garage! Come winter when I don't have to go outside and defrost my car in the morning... I may be wishing we had added a garage onto our renovation 😂

What We've Been Up To- Have I mentioned yet that we moved? Oh I have? Once or twice? 😉 That and our sweet boy turned 1 YEAR OLD!! 

This sweet boy has no shortage of personality and charms everyone wherever he goes. I have started taking him to the grocery store with me again and I'm telling you-- we can't leave the store without him having made at least 3 friends! He is just the happiest little fella.

What I'm Dreading- Nothing at the moment, thank God!

What I'm Working On- I am really loving coming up with some new recipes. Recipes are usually not the biggest hits as far as blog posts go, but I am having fun with them so I'm going to continue doing them. This week we are trying a bunch of new stuff. Some of them have been hits, some... not so much. 😊 With a 3 year old as a food critic, there's not much holding back on whether or not the recipes taste good 😂

Last year's Halloween

What I'm Excited About- Halloween!! The big day/night is next month and we are trying to narrow down our costume ideas. As far as I know, Halloween is still going to be "normal" around here. I'm sure there will be some safety measures put into place but I am hopeful that the kids will still get to go out and trick or treat. If not, our backup plan is to trick or treat inside the house. You may not remember me talking about this last year, but Charlotte got hit with some really bad weather on Halloween (like severe thunderstorms and potential for tornados). It wasn't safe to go outside and trick or treat. So one of my best friends, Hannah, took her kids to her brother's house and all their extended family came over. The adults hid behind doors with buckets of candy and the kids would go from door to door within the house and trick or treat. They would knock and "trick or treat" at a bedroom door and an aunt would be waiting behind the door to give them candy. Then go knock on the laundry room door and their dad would be the one hiding to give them candy. It still gave the kids the chance to dress up and trick or treat with their cousins. Isn't that the most genius idea?! Hopefully we can go out and trick or treat for real, but worst case scenario we have a pretty good back up plan! Thanks Hannah 😉

What I'm Watching/Reading- Okay are you ready for my extreme dorky side to come out? The other night I sat down all ready to watch a movie and then realized it was already 8:30.. I can't watch a whole movie if I start at 8:30! I am usually in bed, lights out by 9:30 (embarrassing, I know). So I stumbled across Nat Geo's "Europe From Above" and thought I could handle a 45 minute episode about one of my favorite places. Oh my gosh, I am HOOKED! It is so fascinating!! The only setback is that now I keep telling Devin we need to go back to the Netherlands and Italy but also we need to go to new (to me) places like Germany and Poland! This show will give you the travel bug big time!

As for reading, a good friend recommended Pachinko and I LOVE it. It's historical fiction and follows several generations of a Korean family throughout the 20th century. It shows what they did to survive WW2, the Korean War, and how they started their "new normal" afterwards. I love that it follows several generations and we get to see how the children turn out when they grow up and become parents of their own. This book was a National Book Award finalist and I can definitely see why. If you love historical fiction, add it to your list!

What I'm Listening To- Does Pachinko on audiobook count? Because if I'm being honest, that's all I'm listening to 😊

Striped Shirt/Jeans/Scarf

What I'm Wearing- I just did a post on Monday of what I've been wearing. It's so nice to start wearing "real" clothes again! These pictures are from last year, but these outfits are about to be on repeat now that the weather is finally cool again:

What I'm Doing This Weekend- Hopefully nothing! We are looking forward to continuing to settle in to our temporary home and relaxing. We will probably spend a lot of time at the nearby parks running around and soaking up the fall weather!

Thanks for following along today!! I hope you all have a wonderful day. See you back here tomorrow for that zoodle caprese salad recipe!


  1. I love that indoor trick or treating idea; how fun! I am definitely going to add that book to my list and that show to my watch list. Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. I thought the same thing! It's nice to know we have a backup plan!

  2. That indoor trick or treating idea is genius!!! And I half want to and half don't want to watch that show. It doesn't take much to inspire my travel bug!

    1. I know-- I hear you!! It made me want to travel even more, which is so hard right now because obviously we can't!