Friday, September 18, 2020

What We've Been Up To

 Good morning friends! Today we officially move out of our house for the next 4 months. It is bittersweet. We love our little home and will miss it, but are excited for this next adventure. When we move back in, our home may be unrecognizable... but in a good way! I will be very happy to not recognize my tiny old kitchen 😂

So since life has been crazy busy lately, I figured I'd do a roundup of what all we've been up to! Here are some pictures of our sweet kiddos to fill you in on what life has looked like for us lately:

A few weeks ago we headed up to the mountains with my parents. Lily Grace was on cloud 9 the entire time and loved going on "adventures" in the woods. She loves to splash and play in the little stream they have in their backyard. 

One day we went for a hike on a new-to-us trail. Liam is in this in-between stage where sometimes he still takes two naps a day, and sometimes only takes one. It was looking like a two nap kinda day, so he stayed behind with my parents.

LG had a blast playing in the stream and stacking rocks.

We ended up making a wrong turn on a trail and hiked a full extra mile. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but Devin had to carry Lily Grace on the way back because her poor little legs were so tired. He clearly didn't mind 😊

We went for a walk in my parents town and as we walked past their town library I had to stop and take these pictures-- look at those flowers!

We headed down by the pond and gazebo in a nearby park at let Lily Grace feed the ducks. 

Poor Liam loved the ducks far away but was NOT excited about them getting up close. He also did not like seeing them eat out of his sister's hand. Sweet guy! I think it's safe to say LG loved it though 💕. We always make sure to feed the ducks with a duck-safe birdseed we buy at the local bird store.

We got everyone back to the house, washed up and fed. Liam was a much happier camper. 😀

Then we got back to Charlotte and it was time to get started packing/moving out. We quickly realized how much harder it was to pack and move while simultaneously watching the kids. Devin's parents had been asking us to come visit again so we made the decision that Devin would take the kids to visit, while I stayed behind to box everything up. Dev and the kids definitely got the better end of that deal!! Their days looked like this:

While my days were filled with packing moving boxes. 👎 But I did get to sleep in a little on the days they were gone, so I'll count that as a little "win". 

Then my favorite people came back (yay!). We spent the next few days at home getting things organized/finalized with our contractor. I headed for a run at one of my favorite parks one day while Dev and the kiddos played on the playground nearby. After my run I got to "go on an adventure" with my favorite girl. 
She wanted to hike through the woods again, and (surprise surprise!) ended up splashing around in the creek. I'm beginning to see a theme here, are you?

Our sweet girl started school this week. Originally she was going to be 3 days a week, but they've shortened her class to 2 days a week and are using the middle day as a cleaning day. We are thrilled she gets to go back! She was so excited on the first day she didn't even say bye to me... she just speed walked into the building to go and play with her friends. At first I was a little sad, but then so grateful that she loves her school this much. I did not see a single tear from any of the pre-k kiddos at drop off, which I was not expecting after being home with their parents non-stop for 6 months. That is such a testament to her school that the kids love it that much.

And then we celebrated this big guy's first birthday!!

 I cannot believe he is 1 already!! I swear I was just pregnant with him! Now this boy is talking like crazy and is thiiiiiiiis close to walking independently. His most used words are: mama, dada, up, cup, and uh oh. He also tries to say banana but it comes out more like "nana". He loves to moo like a cow, bark like a dog, and growl like a bear. 😂 We are loving this stage he's in and I am so grateful for some more one-on-one time with him now that his big sister is back in school. 

Hopefully now life will slow back down for a bit and we can just soak up some more family time. We are so lucky that Devin is still working from home and gets to spend so much time with us. When Lily Grace was in this stage Devin was traveling a lot for work and missed out on a lot of it. We feel fortunate to have him here and able to see everything in person vs. FaceTime.

This weekend we are finishing moving and then celebrating our sweet boy with a small party. Then demo begins on our house and the next adventure officially begins. I can't freaking wait. 😁

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


  1. That looks like such a fun time with your parents! Also, those smash cake photos are so cute!

  2. I just loved all these pics. Those flowers were just gorgeous! I am so excited to see what your home looks like post-renovation!

  3. What a relief for no tears at drop off; I hated when they cried. That mom guilt was awful (of course they were all smiles at pick up!). What wonderful adventures and I too think I would have preferred the beach to packing but hey, someone's got to do it. Those birthday pictures are the cutest!

    1. You're so right, better to be happy at school drop off than sad!!!

  4. Love all of that outdoor time!! Good luck with the move, I hope the renos go smoothly.