Friday, October 1, 2021

Amazon Purchases September

 Good morning and happy Friday! Today I am sharing my Amazon purchases for the month of September. It's a mix of Halloween decor, kitchen appliances/items, and some things to wear. Let's have a look:

Giant Spider Web-- The houses in our area go pretty big when it comes to decorating for Halloween. I grabbed this giant spider web for us to put up at the house and wasn't sure if it would be too big/too much for our house.. but honestly it's cute! We have a more "cutesy" spider I might swap out with just because our kids are young and I think this spider is a little too scary for them.

Decorative Bats-- I love these decorative bats and decided this was the year to finally do them! They were $3.99, you can't really say no to that. 😊

Quesadilla Maker-- My grandma bought me a quesadilla maker similar to this back when I was in college and I kid you not, I have used that thing at least twice a week ever since. Well a couple weeks ago when I was cleaning it, I dropped it and it broke. I was so sad! For about a week I tried just making quesadillas in the skillet, but it wasn't the same. Quesadilla makers just make it easier, and our family eats a lot of quesadillas! It was well worth it to get another one.

K Cup Disposable Filters-- We ran out of these disposable k cup filters and grabbed some more. We put one of these liners inside our reusable k cup and then just put regular coffee in there. Then we take out the liner with the coffee grounds inside and add them to our compost. Better for the environment because there are fewer plastic k cups in a landfill, and better for our wallets because coffee is cheaper when you buy it by the bag. Win/win.

Fitbit Inspire Watch Bands-- I wear my Fitbit every single day, and this thing gets a bit of wear and tear! I needed some new bands and Amazon is always the easiest/cheapest place to get them.

Tunic-- I bought this tunic earlier in the month and keep waiting for it to cool down enough for me to wear it regularly! So far we have only had one day cool enough to justify it. I wear it with leggings, but it's cute here on the model with some high boots.

Green Pants-- I bought these green pants when trying to recreate a Vineyard Vines look for less. I love the price point and that they are a stretchy material. I originally ordered in my regular size, but ended up exchanging for the next size up. Even though they are stretchy, I still wanted them to be a little looser. So if you buy them, maybe buy the next size up!

Short Sleeve Shirt-- I grabbed this short sleeve shirt to go with my joggers. It's easy, soft and perfect for running errands.

Jumpsuit-- This one is one of my favorites! It makes for such an easy outfit that can be casual or dressed up a bit with nicer shoes/jewelry.

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites and next Tuesday I will be linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Have a great weekend!!


  1. I would probably eat more quesadillas if I had that maker!

  2. That giant spider web is super cool. I have a similar quesadilla maker but don't use it near as often as you.

  3. That spider web is so fun! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!